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Posts published in January 2017

Legislators split on attending Inauguration

G. Green, K. Brady go; S. J. Lee, A. Green say “no”

WASHINGTON – Last Friday, Jan. 20 the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, was sworn into office in a ceremony at noon at the U.S. Capital.

Trump’s campaign, and his rhetoric since the election, have drawn criticism which continued into the inauguration itself.

Sixty Congressmen, all Democrats, declined to attend the ceremony, which is a traditional event they usually don’t miss. Most cited disagreement with Trump’s statements, or legislative agenda for his term, and by not attending they expressed their opposition. In addition, the day of the swearing in there were violent demonstrations through the city, and the next day, Saturday, massive crowds estimated at one-half million persons joined a demonstration termed the “Women’s March” to show Trump they disagreed with his statements on women’s rights, healthcare, immigration, reproductive rights, and more. This crowd of women, with some men, was estimated to exceed the crowd at the inauguration by twice the number.

Local legislators were split on their decision to attend the swearing in ceremonies, or not to attend. These included Gene Green, Kevin Brady, Ted Poe, and Brian Babin choosing to be at the ceremony, and Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green choosing not to go. Brady, Poe, and Babin are Republicans, the others are Democrats.