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Posts published in “Day: May 4, 2017”

Citizens of Galena Manor want city to reopen Churchill Community Center

Citizens attending the protest at Galena Manor Park at the Eronia Hall Pavilion with their homemade signs.

Meeting held to organize protest

Galena Park, TX. May 1, 2017 – Galena Manor residents gathered at the Eronia Hall Pavilion to organize before attending the next council meeting for Tuesday, May 2nd.

Taggy Hall, President of the Galena Manor Civic Club welcomed the people who came to event. She said the Evelyn Churchill Recreation Center is in a historically African American Section of Galena Park. The center has been closed since August 16, 2016. She thanked Constable Chris Diaz for providing Deputy Constable Gary Bonds and the other deputies present.

About a hundred citizens attended to hear community leaders complain about the city’s failure to reopen the Evelyn Churchill Community Center that’s been closed for nine months. The city closed the center due to the discovery of dangerous mold throughout the facility. It’s become a heated issue for months at several council meetings.

Community leaders provided the following comments to the North Channel Star. (more…)