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Posts published in “Day: June 8, 2017”

Protests grow over beating death at Denny’s

ON WEDNESDAY, PROTESTORS INCLUDING THE HERNANDEZ FAMILY MARCHED in downtown Houston, holding a rally on the stops of the Harris County Criminal Courts building. They were demanding “Justice for Johnny” and criminal charges against his assailant, Terry Thompson. Late in the day, the DA’s office announced that they would refer the case to the Grand Jury for possible charges and indictment.

Protesters demonstrated last Tuesday, in front of the Denny’s restaurant on Sheldon Road in Channelview where a man was beaten and choked so badly that he later died. The demonstrators were making the point that the man Terry Thompson, 41, who beat a Denny’s patron, and who is the husband of Shauna Thompson, a Sheriff ’s deputy, should be charged with a crime, perhaps murder, and so far has not been. A small flowered memorial, with a sign saying #JusticeforJohnny was placed at the site.

Last Sunday night John Hernandez, 24, the victim, and his family had entered the restaurant, but he went outdoors and reportedly was urinating, when Thompson arrived with his three daughters. He confronted Hernandez and told him to stop.

What followed was a fight, with Thompson on top of Hernandez, choking him and not stopping when other patrons tried to intervene. The assailant’s wife, who was an off-duty Sheriff ’s deputy, arrived at that point and helped her husband restrain the man. At that point they both saw that Hernandez had stopped resisting, lay motionless and was not breathing.

The deputy then began CPR until an EMS unit arrived and transported him to LBJ hospital.

The family reported to the media that Hernandez had died Wednesday night May 31st at the hospital, when they removed life support.

The Sheriff ’s office is investigating the incident including surveillance video from the restaurant, and cellphone video of the fight itself taken by a citizen observer.