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Posts published in “Day: February 1, 2018”

Flood of Celebrities at Chamber Gala

The North Channel Area Chamber of Commerce held their 41st Annual Awards Ceremony and Swearing-in last Friday, January 19th at the Houston Hobby Airport Marriott.

It was a night sparkling with good food and great friends, dressed like Hollywood stars.

The featured speaker was Meteorologist Jeff Lindner of the Harris County Flood Control District, and a celebrity spokesperson for the Office of Emergency Management, after the flooding and devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Lindner’s face became the most familiar on television, as he reported on the effects of the hurricane and the subsequent flooding throughout the county.

Lindner’s account of the flood was a painful reminder to many in the audience, who had suffered personal loss at their homes or businesses. But his talk brought a new insight into the pitfalls of trying to predict the weather and warn residents of potential dangers.

As Lindner said of the Hurricane, there was “nothing comparable in U.S. history.” (more…)