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Commissioner Morman details status of Precinct 2 at Chamber

Speaking last week at the North Channel Chamber luncheon, Pct. 2 Commissioner Jack Morman discussed the ravages resulting from the floods after Hurricane Harvey, and a large range of projects that will be built in the next few years in East Harris County to keep pace with the population growth.

Morman called it an Historic Flood, noting that in the past five years there have been three flood events in the county that exceeded the 100 year flood plans. In the county, over 30,000 homes were flooded, he said. Resources to help people were overwhelmed, and the county had to ask for the help of the general public for boats and evacuation rescues. He noted that Pct. 2 dump trucks were used as first responder emergency vehicles due to their high ground clearance.

Pct.2 is now in the recovery phase. A total of 260,000 cubic yards of debris have been picked up and hauled away. The Lynchburg Ferry, closed due to damage to both landings, is being repaired and scheduled to re-open in March.

To alleviate future damage from floods, the county is implementing new regulations calling for buildings to be elevated higher. Home buyouts have also occurred, and will continue. So far $20,000,000 has been allocated for this, and 21 homes have been purchased to date.

The county has requested funds from the federal government of $10 Billion dollars for new projects, but so far the money has not been appropriated. The county is planning on a bond issue in the fall, asking voters for 1 or 2 Billion dollars for Flood Control projects.