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Posts published in “Day: January 22, 2014

Galena Park Rodeo Art Show sparkles

galena park rodeo art 01Hundreds view GP District Rodeo Art

Hundreds of students, parents, art lovers and art teachers turned out last Thursday, Jan. 16 at the North Shore High School, for a large display of award winning Rodeo and western art from all the grades in the district. The prize winners will be sent to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo art judging, for possible additional prizes and a chance to be auctioned for scholarship money.

Sam Harris, Director of GP Fine Arts programs, explained how teachers worked with the students over a period of time, sketching, giving them examples and photos to work from, and helping them with their techniques and mediums. the results could only be described as very high quality artworks.

Congressman Green holds Town Hall meeting at North Channel Library

CONGRESSMAN GENE GREEN talks about Congressional bills that have recently been enacted, and legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, that affect local citizens. (NORTH CHANNEL STAR PHOTO/HOFFMAN)
CONGRESSMAN GENE GREEN talks about Congressional bills that have recently been enacted, and legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, that affect local citizens. (NORTH CHANNEL STAR PHOTO/HOFFMAN)

Congressman Gene Green met with his constituents in the North Shore area last Wednesday night, updated them on legislative action in Congress, and answered questions from the audience.

Green said that he meets with the public on the twice yearly Congressional breaks, in January and August, but is always available to take phone calls, or have his offices work on problems that a resident of his district might have.

This Town Hall meeting is only one of about five public events that Green has conducted in January. He also held a Senior Issues Forum Wednesday morning, at the Baldree Center on Corpus Christi in Channelview. At that Forum, representatives from federal and county agencies were on hand to answer questions from senior citizens, and help them with needed service. These included Social Security Administration, County Area on Aging, and the Better Business Bureau.

Green reminded the audience that on Monday, February 10th, he is sponsoring a workshop on “Paying for College” at Chavez High School, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Issues that Green spoke about at this Town Hall included the omnibus Budget Bill that was recently passed, federal debt reduction, healthcare benefits and limitations due to Texas not participating, a Job Fair that will be held soon, increased domestic energy production in the U.S., because of the hydraulic fracturing technique and horizontal drilling, and what it means to more jobs in the Houston area, and how it affects the local economy.

Channelview Fire Department hosts first annual Toy Drive

Channelview Fire Department crew collecting toys.
Channelview Fire Department crew collecting toys.

Channelview Fire Department (CFD) held our first annual Toy Drive beginning the first week of December. CFD teamed up with ROC (Renewing Our Communities) which is a local organization that consists of local Churches in the North Channel Area.

There were drop spots set up at Kroger’s, CVS, Family Christian Academy and at both fire stations in Channelview.

Several local businesses collected toys at their facility and dropped them off at our station. (Lyondell Basell, Intra Services, Mustang Rental, CISD Bus Barn, CISD FFA.)

On December 14th, the fire department held an all day event @ Chick Fil A. ROC assisted with the collection of the toys, which totaled 1057 items. Chick Fil A issued a raffle ticket for every toy that was donated. After the event a raffle ticket was drawn and the lucky winner received free Chick Fil A for a year.

Touch of Life: Cat-Dog relationship

don springer headshotBy Don Springer

Have you ever seen a dog kiss a cat? No? Neither have I. Why would I ask such a question?

I am currently reading columnist Charles Krauthammer’s new book “Things that Matter,” which I find most interesting. It is a compilation of his columns from the Washington Post, Time, etc. over the past three decades.

In the early part of his book, Krauthammer, talks of a dog that had been in the family for a few years and suddenly died. His pre-teen son had a friend that visited often and upon hearing of Chester’s death (the dog’s name) he said he was sorry Chester had died as he was the only dog he had ever seen kiss a cat. Krauthammer dropped that subject there and didn’t explain, if he knew, how that kissing scene came about. Most of his columns are far more serious and deal with national government, politics, and relationships that fit that ilk.

Back to the dogs.

If I were Editor, I would…

Add Birth Announcements and Obituaries.

Spotlight businesses, churches and social activities.

Tom Hughes
by email 

– – – – –

I like everything; there is nothing I don’t like. This was my first issue (#3). Please distribute more on Channelview or just all the town around here. Please publish more on fishing, gardening. Wecolme to TEXAS! Add Police Beat. I did not know about the NCS (North Channel Star). I got mine at Food Fair-Sheldon Rd. First time! Thanks, Love it!

Velma I. Richey
by mail 

– – – – –

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the “North Channel Star”. I’ve read all three issues and eagerly look forward for all future issues.

I’ve really felt “out of the loop” so to speak on issues and news pertaining to the North Channel area. For years my husband and I were faithful readers of what was called “The Sentinel” newspaper and really grieved its loss.

Again, thanks so much for your new enterprise and I greatly hope and pray for its success.

T.L. Dailey
by mail 

Area needs cleaned up… and more

How can we get the city & county, in cleaning up the Wallisville road area, especially all the way from the area starting at Christian Tabernacle Church all the way to Maxey Road. Some is handled by Commissioner Jack Morman’s office as far as the bridge, but the rest of the way is the city. I called 311 over a year ago & asked them to pick up the trash and to clean up the area just before Uvalde Ranch apts., and here it is a whole year later, and still all the trash is there, & now 2 trees are dead & about to fall on Wallisville road. I have contacted Audra with Morman’s office about restripeing the road as well, and that was 3 months ago, & still I am almost side swiped everyday due to people not knowing where the lane is because the stripes are gone.

Also the nursing home Legend Oaks on the other end of Wallisville, needs its own turn lane in & out of their location, it is Extremly dangerous getting in & out of that location. I have contacted Congressman Gene Green’s office, and they said all of this is out of his jurisdiction. We really need to make this area alot cleaner. If someone would just provide a dumpster, I will clean it all up myself. I am not afraid of work at all, how about get the football teams of Galena Park School District involved with a community clean up??? thank you and I am so glad we have a local paper on this side of town again…..

Mary Cullum
by email