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Posts published in “Day: September 2, 2015

Freeport Street reconstruction completed

freeport street completed
FINISHED! Pct. 2 Commissioner Jack Morman, center, and Constable Ken Jones, hold the ceremonial scissors to cut the ribbon signifying the completion and opening of the rebuilt Freeport Street. With the commissioner are officials from Harris County, and community leaders from the North Channel/Channelview area that were present for the original groundbreaking in November 2013.

NORTH CHANNEL – The first issue of the North Channel Star, dated Dec. 4, 2013 headlined the groundbreaking of a major redevelopment project, the rebuilding of Freeport Street and related storm drainage, sidewalks and curbs. The actual date of the groundbreaking was Nov. 6, 2013.

Now 22 months later, the project is complete, and many of the community leaders that were present before joined Pct. 2 Commissioner Jack Morman on Thursday morning, Aug. 27 to cut the ribbon to ceremonially open the street to the public.

The street project was funded by federal money after Hurricane Ike damaged the area, and was administered by the Texas General Land Office and HUD, according to Morman.

New Laws took effect September 1, 2015

September 1st is a very important day, as it is the date many laws passed during the 84th Legislative Session go into effect. Below you will find a summary of a few of these laws. Unless otherwise noted, each new law goes into effect today, September 1, 2015.

Please note that the following is not a comprehensive list of all new laws passed by the Texas Legislature. For information regarding all new laws, please click on the following link — — or contact our office.

Protecting Our Retirees

The state will increase its contributions to the Employee Retirement System (ERS), putting the fund closer to full financial health and strengthening retiree benefits.

Cracking Down On Human Trafficking

Human traffickers will face increased criminal and civil penalties; these include stricter felony counts and seizure of traffickers’ financial assets hidden behind shell corporations. Additional help and resources for trafficking victims will also be established.

Employer Requirements for Working Mothers

All public employers in Texas, such as school districts and state agencies, will now be required to provide accommodations for employees that need to pump breast milk at work. This will help retain talented employees by making workplaces more mother-friendly.

Faster Access to 911

Multiline telephone systems — like the ones in hotels and offices — where you would normally have to dial another number first to get an outside line, will now be required to have direct 911 dialing services.

Controlling Prescription Medicine Costs

The state will begin a pilot program allowing people to donate unused prescription medicine. This will help reduce waste while also making affordable stocks of prescription drugs available to those in need.

Huge crowd attends Cody Stephens Foundation benefit

cody stephens benefitA sell-out crowd attended last Saturday’s Go Big or Go Home Foundation’s benefit auction and awards ceremony, at the American Legion Hall in Crosby. After the death of Scott Stephen’s son Cody, he has worked for 3 years to raise funds to pay for EKG heart screenings for student athletes in local schools. This auction was attended by about 500 people, and raised a gross amount of over $200,000 according to Scott. Funds pay for education and screenings