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Posts published in “Day: June 8, 2017

Protests grow over beating death at Denny’s

ON WEDNESDAY, PROTESTORS INCLUDING THE HERNANDEZ FAMILY MARCHED in downtown Houston, holding a rally on the stops of the Harris County Criminal Courts building. They were demanding “Justice for Johnny” and criminal charges against his assailant, Terry Thompson. Late in the day, the DA’s office announced that they would refer the case to the Grand Jury for possible charges and indictment.

Protesters demonstrated last Tuesday, in front of the Denny’s restaurant on Sheldon Road in Channelview where a man was beaten and choked so badly that he later died. The demonstrators were making the point that the man Terry Thompson, 41, who beat a Denny’s patron, and who is the husband of Shauna Thompson, a Sheriff ’s deputy, should be charged with a crime, perhaps murder, and so far has not been. A small flowered memorial, with a sign saying #JusticeforJohnny was placed at the site.

Last Sunday night John Hernandez, 24, the victim, and his family had entered the restaurant, but he went outdoors and reportedly was urinating, when Thompson arrived with his three daughters. He confronted Hernandez and told him to stop.

What followed was a fight, with Thompson on top of Hernandez, choking him and not stopping when other patrons tried to intervene. The assailant’s wife, who was an off-duty Sheriff ’s deputy, arrived at that point and helped her husband restrain the man. At that point they both saw that Hernandez had stopped resisting, lay motionless and was not breathing.

The deputy then began CPR until an EMS unit arrived and transported him to LBJ hospital.

The family reported to the media that Hernandez had died Wednesday night May 31st at the hospital, when they removed life support.

The Sheriff ’s office is investigating the incident including surveillance video from the restaurant, and cellphone video of the fight itself taken by a citizen observer.

Pollution Pioneer supports SJRC efforts

TO SUPPORT THE SJRC in their fight against the Waste Pits, David Killgore presents a check to Jackie Young for $863, the balance of funds from the CCAP organization.

At their monthly meeting last Tuesday night, the San Jacinto River Coalition heard from a pioneer in this area’s fight against environmental pollution.

David Killgore was lliving in Channelview in 1992, when a company formed by Kay Crouch announced a plan to build an incinerator on land near the DeZavala Elementary school, and to process and burn waste products from all over the United States.

After researching the process, and realizing that the incinerator would pollute the air and affect the health of those living close by, including the children in the school, Killgore formed an organization, Concerned Citizens Against Pollution to try to stop the project.

With the help of then State Senator Gene Green, the legislature passed a bill opposing the project, and it was signed by Governor Ann Richards. In spite of this, the EPA issued a permit for the project and Killgore’s group went to court to stop it. Their attorney, Jim Blackburn, got an injunction to stop the incinerator, but it was fought by Crouch and her investors for the next 8 years. The investors spent $21 million dollars versus CCAP’s $50,000. After the 8 years, and facing more court costs, the investor group abandoned the proposal, and Killgore’s CCAP had won.

Killgore and his wife Margaret now live in Ruidoso, New Mexico and he remarks about how clean the air is, compared to Houston.

Jacinto City marks Public Works Month at Council

Keep Jacinto City Clean Committee presents Kyle Reed Public Works Director a 21 Year Service Award at the Council Meeting of May 27, 2017. Standing L – R: Public Works employees Javier Gonzales, Alcario Banda,Ovidio Trevino, Public Works Director Kyle Reed (left with award) Council Woman Carmela Garcia, Candelario Aleman and Javier Duran. Seated L – R: Keep Jacinto Clean officers provided cake and refreshments for the ceremony Secretary Linda Jamail, Vice President Irasema Salinas and President Teresa Arzapala.

Kyle Reed Public Works Director receives 21 Year Service Award

Jacinto City, TX. — May 25, 2017 — At the council meeting National Public Works Week was recognized by the Mayor and City Council with a resolution praising the Jacinto City Public Works Department for the services provided to the citizen’s everyday lives. The resolution complimented the efficient operation of the city’s public works systems and programs such as water facilities, wastewater facilities, water transmission and distribution systems, sewer collections, streets and traffic systems, parks, public buildings, fleet management and storm water management.

Jamail said, “I call on all citizens and civic organizations to acquaint themselves with the services provided by our public works professionals and to recognize the contributions which public works officials and employees make every day to our health, safety, comfort and quality of life. Many times in the night when we’re home asleep in a warm bed our public works crews are out in the freezing rainy weather fixing water leaks so we can wake up with safe drinking water.”

HOUSTON SYMPHONY Summer concert series plays at North Shore HS

Houston Symphony and Associate Conductor Robert Franz played a program of familiar songs from movies, plays, and other popular venues. Each summer the Symphony plays five Community Concerts at schools and churches as part of their Community Concert series, to bring the sound of an orchestra to everyone. The annual concert was last Wednesday evening, at North Shore High School auditorium, and was well attended.

Conductor Robert Franz engaged the audience in narrative and participation. He invited a young lady, Nicolle, to come up on stage and actually lead the orchestra in playing a number, a John Phillip Sousa March entitled “The Washington Post.”