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Posts published in “Day: March 22, 2018

Governor infuses cash to solve flooding

State Representative Dan Huberty, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett join Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in review of the San Jacinto Watershed. Comprehensive review of the waterways are under review by City of Houston, Harris County and State Authorities.

Lake Houston, San Jacinto River silting problem studied

EAST HARRIS COUNTY – Texas Governor Greg Abbott looked over areas flooded by Hurricane Harvey and pledged millions of dollars to northeast Harris County following Harris County Commissioner’s Court determining a need for flood mitigation was necessary the week before within the San Jacinto Watershed, the watershed areas containing Lake Houston and the San Jacinto River.

Gov. Abbott flew around the San Jacinto Watershed in a helicopter to view the flooding problems. He noted the silt, sandbars, a stunning number of sand mining operations “all up and down the river, and were able to understand more comprehensively the way in which these sand mining operations contribute sand and silt into the river.”

Hazard Mitigation Funds for about $3 Million from the Texas Dept. of Emergency Management is now authorized to start up engineering and permitting to find out where dredging should begin on the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston.

The same source will provided $2 Million to study the region and discover how to prevent flooding in the San Jacinto watershed.

Seniors enjoy fish fry luncheon in Galena Park

Galena Park Mayor Esmeralda Moya (3rd from the right, bottom row) with Galena Park seniors, State Representative Ana Hernandez (bottom right). Moya sponsored the senior’s luncheon this past Friday (March 16th). Seniors enjoyed catfish, hushpuppies, fries, coleslaw and chocolate cake. Mayor Moya said she was excited to see so many familiar faces, she recognized them for their valuable roles they’ve given the community. “Our seniors are the wisdom that we need at all moments. They’re also true leaders in the community, Moya said.” (Photo by Allan Jamail)

Charlotte’s Web: Community Angels in Channelview

In a world where so many people are stressed out and have way too much on their “plate”, I am thankful for those who do not understand the word “no”. Last week, our community was rocked with the horror of the Channelview Band bus accident, yet in the midst of this, we all saw some amazing people step up as well as those who just stay ready to help.

From the pastors and ministers involved with the Channelview Ministry Team, to the School Board Members, Band Alumni and community members, love was felt EVERYWHERE. I cannot say enough about how Superintendent Greg Ollis cares about the students and the community. He was running on prayers as I know he did not take time to eat. From the morning of the accident and continuing daily, he has been the lighthouse in the midst of the pain. There were several members of the Crisis Chaplaincy of Texas present and these individuals under the direction of Lunetta Mitchell were a blessing to the families who were waiting to hear from loved one. Among those volunteers was Diane Collette Pinkney, who happens to also be a bus driver for CISD. To say that Diane loves her job is an understatement.

Over the past decade, I have seen her pray for the children that she transports to and from school as well as support them in their activities and love on them as a surrogate grandmother.

School Board Members who continued to communicate with the community and be present to join the Prayer Gatherings for the students and families were invaluable. Steve Dennis is to be commended for the pride he has in the District and the Community. Even when he is not in the best of health, he is there to remind us to pray for the families and support the schools. Greg Johnstone, Patrick Lacy, Kyle Campbell, and the other board members.

Pastors such as Johnny Brady, Irvin Clark, Rob Morris, Byron Murray, Christopher Shackleford, Charlie Tutt and Kent Wilson are often referred to as my brothers because each one of them has been there for me over the years when I have needed a pastor to encourage or direct me in some way. Each of these amazing men where present last Tuesday as we waited on the students.

Truly what blessed me even more was the young people who showed up to support the students. Nico Izaguirre is a 2017 graduate of Channelview High School as well as a current student at San Jacinto College and he was present to comfort and support the families as we waited on the bus to arrive. Later that evening he was one of the young adults who led the group in prayer for the healing of the group. It is no surprise that he and his mom were among the supporters at Chick-fil-A on Tuesday. Joseph DeCola who operates both the Wallisville and the I-10 locations is another angel among us. He donated all profit from both locations and it totaled more than $8400 to help the Channelview Band. Other restaurants in the area are planning similar fundraisers.

While others may think they live in the best community, those of us who are a part of the North Channel Area truly are the most blessed. I love you and there is NOTHING you can do about it.