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Posts published in “Day: September 13, 2018


TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY has ordered The Rhodes School to close the Northshore campus on Wallisville due to “multiple fire code violations.” The school has referred students to their other three campuses.

NORTH SHORE – Officials of The Rhodes School were notified on August 24 by the Texas Education Agency that they must close their campus at 13334 Wallisville Road, due to the fact that the Harris County Fire Marshal had found numerous fire code violations. The school operated in a educational building previously used by the Christian Tabernacle, which is at the front of the site.

Specifically, the Fire Marshal said that the building lacked a fire sprinkler system, and a fire alarm system. It had blocked and limited exits, and its address is not visible from the street as required by the fire department.

The fire marshal made available to media photos that depicted electrical violations, kitchen violations, and construction violations.

The closure notice was unexpected and came with short notice. Rhodes School superintendent Michelle Bonton sent home a letter with students, explaining the options that families had for their children. They were able to enroll PK-2nd students in the nearby campus on Tidwell. Students 3rd-6th would be bused to other campuses of the Rhodes School, or allowed to transfer to another charter school. Officials indicated they are working to correct the problems and reopen in the near future.

North Shore Rotarians “Go Big” in support of foundation

The North Shore Rotary Club was the Lead Sponsor in the GBOGH (Go Big Or Go Home) fundraiser held in Crosby on August 25. The club donated $7,600 to the Cody Stephens Foundation, which promotes and pays for Prescreening for Heart defects in high school athletes. The foundation has so far screened almost 100,000 students, and saved many lives. The Foundation is in honor of Cody Stephens, who died without notice from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The event raised a total of about $225,000, to be used by the foundation to continue the heart screenings.

North Shore Rotarians seen in the photo above, taken at the fundraiser dinner, are L to R: Andrew Davilla, Donald Nino, Bill Palko, Danna Urbantke Nino, Allatia Harris, Shawn Silman, Matt Davis, David Mendez, Adam Lund, Jared Dagley, Bill Bowes Sr. with Melody Stephens, Scott Stephens at rear, Robert Lunde, Beau Burris, Ryan Dagley, Ken Pantin, Cary Stephens, Robert Boaz, Eugene Dagley, Mike Williams, Don Spies, Terry Tatum Derry, Dan Mims, Lowell Everitt, Lee Brown.