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Posts published in “Day: July 23, 2020

North Shore Rotary presents awards, scholarships

The Awards Presentation was held last Thursday, at the Rotary Pavilion on Wallisville Road. Seen above are club president Ryan Dagley, and (not in order) scholarship recipients Stephannie Villanueva, Aaron J. Daniels, Xenia Garcia, Emely J. Melendez, Alessandra Camarillo Morales, Yuleima Zamora, Sofia Garcia Bucio, Olivia B. Kirby, and Xavier K. Crawford. The students were from C.E. King High School, Channelview High School, and North Shore High School.

Nine graduating seniors receive $40,000 total

NORTH SHORE – The Rotary Club of North Shore held their regular weekly meeting last Thursday, and presented scholarships to nine graduating seniors, and achievement awards to 13 Rotary club members.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the club has been meeting in an outdoor setting at the pavilion behind the Wallisville courthouse. This allows them to maintain social distancing.

Scholarship awards were three types. Four year scholarship, amounting to $2500 each of 4 years, were presented to Stephannie Villanueva of C.E. King high school, Aaron J. Daniels of Channelview high school, and Xenia Garcia of North Shore high school.

A scholarship of $2500 was presented to Emely J. Melendez of North Shore high school.

Five scholarships of $1500 each were presented to the following: Alessandra Camarillo Morales, North Shore high school; Yuleima Zamora, C.E. King high school; Sofia Garcia Bucio, C.E. King high school; Olivia B. Kirby, Channelview high school; and Xavier K. Crawford, Channelview high school.

The occasion also was the venue for achievement awards to club members who had actively helped the organization through the 2019-2020 Rotary year. These were presented by outgoing president Ryan Dagley.

Sheldon ISD Board of Trustees selected as Region 4 School Board of the Year

Sheldon ISD Trustees. The 2019-20 board members are: President Latricia Archie, VicePresident Eileen Palmer, Secretary Angela Cormier, Member Ken Coleman, Member Erika Martinez, Member Devora Myles and Member Fred Rivas. Superintendent King Davis is at second row, center.

The Sheldon ISD Board of Trustees has been selected as the Region 4 Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) School Board of the Year. Region 4 represents the greater Houston and surrounding area and is one of the largest education regions of the 20 in Texas. The 2019-20 board members are: President Latricia Archie, Vice-President Eileen Palmer, Secretary Angela Cormier, Member Ken Coleman, Member Erika Martinez, Member Devora Myles and Member Fred Rivas. The School Board Awards Program recognizes school boards that have demonstrated outstanding dedication and rendered ethical service to the children of Texas.

“We are blessed to have such a dedicated group of individuals serving the Sheldon community,” said Superintendent Dr. King Davis. “From the challenges of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Tropical Storm Imelda in 2019 and now the COVID-19 pandemic, our board continues to place children first with every decision they make.”

Dr. Davis also said he was pleased that members of the regional School Board Awards committee were able to see how Sheldon ISD trustees have made tremendous gains in the areas of finance, student achievement and growth.

Garza’s family provides summer heat relief for pets

Garza Family – L-R: Jayden holding Jumper, Lily, Jay grooming Max and Jesus. Jacinto City’s Garza’s family provides sweltering heat relief for 2 pet dogs. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Jacinto City, TX. – July, 20, 2020 – During the record breaking heat waves Jacinto City’s Garza family regularly gives their two pet dogs a cooling down. Their dogs get to enjoy the inside air-conditioning when needed.

Galena Park Police Chief Rodney Chersky said, “My officers take very serious the treatment and care pets in the city is getting. While on routine patrol the officers look for outdoor pets appearing to be in distress because of the heat. We’ll immediately call for one of the city’s two humane officers to investigate any questionable pet being neglected. If a citizen suspects animal mistreatment, he urges them to call the police so we can investigate it.”

“People without thinking will get a long haired dog and put them outside and this can be tortuous for the dog. If a person would put on a fur coat and wear it outside for just a couple hours during the summer, they’d quickly see how hot it is for a long haired dog, it’s even hard on a short haired dog outside during the summer,” Chersky said.

“Pet owners should check on their outdoor pets several times a day and give them lots of fresh cool water every few hours. If they cannot bring their pet indoors during the summer then they must provide lots of shade for them. Some people will put water in a small water bowl before leaving for work and expect that to be enough water for 8 to 10 hours while they’re gone, that’s cruel,” the chief said.

Dogs kept outdoors are the most common pets to be mistreated, 70 percent of animal cruelty cases is dogs. With daytime temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s it doesn’t take long before a pet can have a heat stroke.