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Posts published in “Day: October 29, 2020

Channelview group cleans up roadways

Participants gather ready to start the cleanup. Channelview ISD, Interact, C.H.I.C. members, churches and other volunteers helped clean, trim, and pick-up.

Saturday morning Oct.24th from 7:30 – 11:00 am Channelview Health & Improvement Coalition (C .H.I.C.) members and other community members conducted C.H.I.C.’s second Channelview Community Cleanup concentrating their efforts in the Sheldon Rd. area from I-10 to the railroad tracks just past Avenue C.

Participants broke into groups, some picking up and removing the trash and debris from the roadside and medians throughout the targeted area while others trimmed the trees, shrubs and overgrowth from the medians to eliminate the obstructed view and to provide a more manicured appearance to the medians; a nicety that has long been missing in Channelview.

This second cleanup effort was conducted in partnership with Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s office and the organization Keep Houston Beautiful. Precinct 2 provided personnel, equipment and trucks and trailers while Keep Houston Beautiful provided lawn tools, safety vests and gloves for those participants who did not bring their own. Harris County Sheriff’s Office Precinct 2 Liaison Deputy Tommy Berry kept a watchful eye over everyone ensuring a safe work environment despite the high traffic area the cleanup was being conducted in.

Saturday’s cleanup was a true example of what can be accomplished when local community groups and residents work together with receptive governing agencies and other adjoining and supportive communities and groups.

North Shore Mustangs remain undefeated 52-14 over Beaumont Bruins

By Allan Jamail

Friday, October 23, 2020 at this GPISD stadium the North Shore Mustangs in their district opener game finished off the Beaumont Bruins in short order 55 to 14.

Mustangs Head Coach Jon Kay’s team has yet to see any strong competition outside of their early season game when they defeated the Shadow Creek Sharks with a 38 to 21 score. Had Shadow Creek not had the 100 yards in penalties, the game could have been an upset for the Mustangs.

GP Yellowjackets “Steel Curtain” shuts out Marlins 56-0

#3 Arturo Garcia, Yellowjacket’s senior running back outruns Madison Marlins defense for his second touchdown of the game. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Saturday, October 24, 2020 at Houston’s HISD Dyer Field the visiting GPISD Yellowjackets varsity football team under the direction of Spiro Amarantos, Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator destroyed Houston’s James Madsion Marlins, 56-0.

The Yellowjackets forced to concentrate this season on an all-out defensive effort due to losing their senior quarterback Gabriel Pagan early in the season put-up a steel curtain Saturday. The Jackets defense shutout the Marlins for four quarters and held them to a mere 43 total offensive yards, making 2 pass interceptions and a fumble recovery.

FLOODING RELIEF: Precinct 2 cleans 1 million feet of ditches

Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia explains that cleaning ditches prevents future flooding, and is his priority. He credits the public works crews in the background for their hard work, even through the Pandemic.

Harris County PCT. 2 — Since being elected into office, Commissioner Adrian Garcia has made drainage maintenance a major priority. This week, he celebrated the completion of 1 million linear feet of ditching in Precinct 2.

Roadside ditching and drainage maintenance improves water conveyance to drainage outfalls, which helps in the reduction of potential flooding for residents and businesses. Without proper maintenance, standing water can penetrate and seep under road surfaces causing deterioration, which in turn, requires more frequent, costly road repairs, and neighborhood flooding. Many neighborhoods that have not been serviced in years now have clean, excavated ditches.

Commissioner Garcia stated, “I am so proud of the Precinct 2 family for this outstanding achievement. When I tasked our team to clear 1 million linear feet of ditches, I frankly thought it might be out of reach. Not only have we gotten to a million feet, we did it 2 months ahead of schedule! What we’ve accomplished in one year is collectively more than had been done in the previous two years combined. The hard work of my office will make a huge difference to reduce the risk of Precinct 2 neighborhoods flooding.”

To the Editor

The last three or four editions of the paper have had some very interesting, clearly explained articles. Are you doing that Gil, or is there some new person on the staff?

I just wanted to let you know, good job.

Theresa Cashion

Thank you, Theresa. Articles are written by several staff members and myself, and several free-lance journalists. We try very hard to be clear, objective, and contextual in a manner which distinguishes our work at a time when the internet carries too many stories that are incomplete, opinionated, and not researched or fact-checked. We appreciate your comments.

— Gil Hoffman, editor