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Posts published in “Day: August 5, 2021

Sheldon Fire Dept. expands Services

These 4 new High-Water Fire Engines will be in service in Sheldon. Each has unique safety features built especially for Sheldon Community Fire & Rescue.

Four new High Water Fire Engines, new stations

SHELDON – The Sheldon Community Fire & Rescue department held a traditional “push-in” ceremony last Sunday at Station 2 on the Beaumont Highway. The occasion was the start of service for their newest fire engine, a specially designed high-water truck by W. S. Darley & Co. of Itasca, Illinois.

In addition, the event included the “pinning” of two probationary fireman to full status in the department. These new firemen are Joshua Simmonds and Diego Villarreal. Four junior firemen were also promoted at this time.

Chief Sidney Webb explained to the invited crowd that the department had four of the new specially-designed high water trucks on order, and due for service in the next month. One each will be assigned to the existing stations on C.E. King Parkway, Beaumont Highway, South Lake Houston Parkway at Beltway 8, and the new station scheduled for Uvalde at Kinsman.

FIREMEN at Station 2 on Beaumont Highway at the Push-in Ceremony last Sunday. At right, Chief Sydney Webb and Assistant Chief Roland Balderas.

Chief Webb announced that the new station would break ground this month, will include administration offices as well as firefighting equipment, and would be about 21,900 sq. ft. and costing about $14 million dollars. It will go into service by November 2022.

As the Sheldon area has grown quickly over the past few years, the SCF&R department has grown also, and is now responsible for an area of about 60 square miles, with 175,000 residents.

Dutton holds Volunteer Appreciation Day

Rep. Dutton’s Friends & Family Volunteer Day Awardees: Houston Councilwoman District B, Tarsha Jackson, , Dr. Linda Robertson (for Rep. Senfronia Thompson), Pct. # Deputy Sgt. Julia Davis, Rep. Harold Dutton Jr., Pct. 6 Constable Sylvia Trevino & Linda Jamail, Community Liaison (for Rep. Ana Hernandez) Photo by Allan Jamail

By Allan Jamail

Saturday July 31, 2021 at the new Generation Park, several hundred participants gathered for music, free barbeque, and refreshments at State Rep. 142 Harold Dutton Jr’s Volunteer Appreciation Day.

Ann Tillis was the Mistress of Ceremony, Janice Thomas made the welcoming address, Mary Fontenot explained the day’s occasion, James Joseph introduced guest speakers, and Abner Lyons, Dutton’s Community Liaison, was the agenda’s director, keeping everything flowing smoothly. Numerous churches and church leaders were present offering prayers.

Rep. Dutton’s Friends & Family Volunteer Day Awardees: Civic Club, Organization Representatives etc.: Pleasantville, New Progressive, Impacting Houston, R.H. Heart Ministries, Gustavia Pearls Women’s Outreach, Discovering Youth, Unicorn Treats Inc., Riverwood Civic, Clinton Park Civic, Sunbeam Curry Civic, Kashmere Garden Super Neighborhood #52, Fifth Ward New Progressive, El Dorado, Houston Gardens, Everyone Counts, Bridgette Murray – Act’s, Deborah Adams – Precinct Chair, Pine Trails Community Association, Glen Manor Wayburne Place / Rosewood, East Houston, Glenwood Forest, Neighborhood Enrichment Exchange, Fifth Ward, Fifth Ward Super Neighborhood #55, East Houston Economic Development Inc. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

GLO removing sunken barges from San Jacinto River

Workers clean mud off barge that has been raised from underwater.

By Carolyn Stone and Gilbert Hoffman

SAN JACINTO RIVER – Residents of the San Jacinto River Estates area along River Road, were surprised early in July to see excavation work barges lifting old sunken hulks of barges from the water along the waterfront.

This area is near the Superfund site, and also the area next to Riverside Inn where the Holtmar/TimTom company has been trying to install new barge mooring facilities.

Residents were concerned the cleanup was in preparation for the installation of the barge facility and the possible approval of the 03/04/21 Holtmar Letter of Permission from the Corps of Engineers.

However, closer inspection of the vessels and personnel performing the cleanup revealed they were from the TX GLO, or Texas General Land Office.

Residents say they are still concerned it may be related. Removal of the sunken vessels and other debris in the river would be a necessary step prior to construction of a barge facility in that area. Carolyn Stone reached out to Ana Hernandez’s office to hear if they had any information on why the GLO was in the proposed area for the barge facility removing the sunken vessels.

Several work barges, with cranes and other excavation equipment, are anchored along the bank near the San Jacinto River Estates neighborhood. They are removing sunken barges and other debris that impede the flow of the river and pose a hazard during flood conditions. Beyond the work barges can be seen the Riverside Inn, to the far left Meadowbrook Park, and to the far right the area for a proposed barge mooring facility. Work on that project has halted due to a question about whether it was properly permitted by the Corps of Engineers. (All photos courtesy of Greg Moss)

Sales Tax Holiday is Aug. 6-8

(AUSTIN) — Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar is reminding shoppers they can save money on clothes and school supplies during the state’s sales tax holiday on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 6-8.

State law exempts sales tax on qualified items — such as clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks — priced below $100, saving shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend. The date of the sales tax holiday and list of tax-exempt items are set by the Texas Legislature.

“For many families with children who are going back to their school campuses for the first time since the pandemic began, the sales tax holiday is the perfect opportunity to save money on school supplies and other tax-free items,” Hegar said. “As a father with three school-aged children myself, I know how these expenses can add up.”

Apparel and school supplies that may be purchased tax-free are listed on the Comptroller’s website at