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Posts published in “Day: October 26, 2017

Alcohol Sales on Ballot in Galena Park

NEIGHBORHOODS IN GALENA PARK are displaying signs that read Vote Against Cantinas, Beer Joints & Liquor stores. Local election on this issue is November 7, but early voting started Oct. 23.

By Allan Jamail

The Galena Park Mayor and Commissioners, after receiving a citizen petition with 327 voter’s signatures, required them to conduct an election where voters will decide whether or not the city would issue license for the sale and consumption of alcohol in the city. The election dates are October 23rd through November 3rd for Early Voting, and Election Day Tuesday, November 7, 2017 from 7 AM to 7 PM. After three days of voting (October 25th), according to City Secretary and Election Judge Mayra Gonzales, there have only been about 124 votes cast.

The two voting locations for both Early Voting and Election Day are at the Alvin Baggett Community Building located at 1302 Keene Street for voting precinct 081 or at City Hall located at 2000 Clinton Drive for voting precincts 208, 857 and 860.

North Channel Star writer Allan Jamail reached out to each of the elected officials and asked how they’d be voting. Commissioners Eric Broussard, Barry Ponder, and Oscar Silva, Jr. didn’t give their decision.

Mayor Esmeralda Moya said she didn’t want to influence voters either way and she’ll honor the voters’ decision regardless of the outcome. She said, “If the sale of alcohol is approved I’ll make sure all the laws and regulations are being obeyed and the citizens will be safe and their wellbeing will be maintained.”

Commissioner Rodney Chersky said, “I’m highly in favor of the legal sale of alcohol in the city. In the event it passes, we’ve already put laws and zoning regulations in effect to make sure no beer joints, cantinas, night clubs or sexually oriented businesses will be allowed in the city. I will personally vouch for this; rest assured it will not happen.”

Additional repairs required for San Jacinto Waste Pits Superfund Site

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt at right, discusses EPA’s recent finding of damage at the San Jacinto River Waste Pits, with activist Jackie Young, left, and Harris County attorneys Vince Ryan and Terry O’Rourke.

DALLAS (October 19, 2017) Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved a plan for further repairs to stabilize the riverbed near the San Jacinto River Waste Pits Superfund Site in Harris County, Texas that was damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Following the hurricane, EPA has been conducting an assessment of the site to determine the extent of damage caused by the storm, and the potentially responsible parties found erosion of the river bottom adjacent to the temporary armored cap. EPA directed the potentially responsible parties to stabilize a 40-foot by 400-foot area adjacent to the east side of the cap to prevent future undermining of the armored cap.The temporary armored cap has not been damaged in this area.

Since the hurricane, the survey of the San Jacinto riverbed found erosion of the river bottom up to 12 feet deep near the cap. The total area of river bottom eroded in the vicinity of the cap was over 20,000 square feet. The stabilization work approved today includes placement of a geotextile fabric layer covered with at least three feet of rock with a median diameter of eight inches. It is anticipated that construction will take about three weeks to complete, weather and tide permitting.

EPA Administrator Pruitt Commits to Dioxin Cleanup in meeting with County Attorney Vince Ryan

At a meeting hosted by Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt committed to using the full authority of the EPA to remove dioxin from the San Jacinto River Waste Pits.

Ryan, members of the County Attorney’s Office, and other stakeholders met last Thursday with Pruitt to discuss the cleanup. Last week Pruitt signed a Record of Decision that approved a $115 million cleanup plan of the toxic site that will remove highly contaminated material and secure the less contaminated areas.

Jacinto City hires new Officer Perez

Jacinto City Mayor Ana Diaz administering the oath of office, Police Chief Joey Ayala, Officer Christopher Perez hand on the Bible, his father Dakota Blate and mother Alicia Perez.

By Allan Jamail

Jacinto City, TX. – Thursday, October 12, 2017 the city council approved City Manager Lon Squyres’ and Police Chief Joey Ayala’s recommendation to hire Christopher Dakota Perez.

Perez has two years experience as a Trinity County Deputy Sheriff and graduated from the University of Houston’s Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Academy. He’s familiar with the Jacinto City – Galena Park area having graduated from Galena Park High School.