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To the Editor

The last three or four editions of the paper have had some very interesting, clearly explained articles. Are you doing that Gil, or is there some new person on the staff?

I just wanted to let you know, good job.

Theresa Cashion

Thank you, Theresa. Articles are written by several staff members and myself, and several free-lance journalists. We try very hard to be clear, objective, and contextual in a manner which distinguishes our work at a time when the internet carries too many stories that are incomplete, opinionated, and not researched or fact-checked. We appreciate your comments.

— Gil Hoffman, editor

TCEQ to monitor Air Quality in area by using sensor equipped helicopters

One of the Helicopters to be used for Air Monitoring in the Harris County area.

By Carolyn Stone

Precinct 2 Community Liaison Cindy Miller reports that two helicopters, a black one (tail number N808LL and a white one with yellow & black stripes (tail number N300AR), will be flying in our area from May 18th through June 30th, sometimes at very low altitudes and at length over various areas and companies. The helicopters are a part of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) aerial survey for air emissions.

The helicopters are equipped with a specialized infrared camera that can image volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other hydrocarbons invisible to the eye. VOCs pose serious health hazards and sight of these helicopters attempting to identify the sources of the VOC’s in our area should be a welcomed event. Included are photos of the helicopters for your help in identifying them when they are in your area.

Renowned Attorney Mike Ramsey dead at 79


HOUSTON – Longtime Houston-area defense attorney Michael Ramsey died at the age of 79 on July 28, 2019.

Ramsey was known nationally as a top Defense Attorney, but lived and grew up in the Channelview area. He also maintained a cabin in East Texas, where he often retreated to work on his difficult high profile cases.

Ramsey had a lengthy career in the Houston area and represented big names such as Ken Lay during the Enron scandal and Robert Durst during his murder trial in Galveston.

Suspect wanted in hit and run in Channelview

Earlene Polk

Crime Stoppers and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office need the public’s assistance identifying the suspect responsible for a Hit and Run – Failure to Stop and Render Aid.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, at approximately 2:55 a.m., Earlene Polk was involved in an accident in the 16000 block of Avenue C in Channelview, Texas. During this incident, the suspect was operating a blue passenger vehicle with visible front end damage. The suspect’s vehicle struck the victim as she attempted to cross Avenue C and fled the scene of the accident without rendering aid. As a result, the victim sustained severe injuries and is in critical condition.

Crime Stoppers will pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the charging and/or arrest of the suspect(s) in this case. Information may be reported by calling 713-222- TIPS (8477), submitted online at or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app. All tipsters remain anonymous.

Battle of San Jacinto Reenacted

Above: Andy Anderson in the role of Juan Seguin (an Alamo survivor fighting at the battle of San Jacinto) duels with a Belgian mercenary cavalier.

Last Saturday, the The Battle of San Jacinto was reenacted 182 years after that day with the same results: the largest land mass ever secured from a single 20 minute battle won, from Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna, by an army of irregulars numbering about 900 total, against a left behind battalion of 1400 regulars that had been in an army of about 9,000, chasing the irregulars over much of Texas. Sam Houston outwitted the “Napoleon of the West” by allowing Anna to believe the Texans would not present battle.

Houston was wounded in the ankle; acting President of the Revolutionary Republic of Texas, David Burnet, ordered that Houston be abandoned on the field with his wound. Decent individuals loaded him onto a New Orleans bound ship and he survived. Later in 1836, Sam Houston would become President of the Republic of Texas, followed by a hero of the battle Mirabeau Lamar in 1838; following Lamar, anti-slavery Houston would be President again. Henry Smith was the first elected president, in 1835, before the revolution was won, but impeached in January 1836. James Robinson lasted from January 1836 until March.

“God Bless Texas, Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad.”

Mayor’s statement on re-opening the Churchill Building

Galena Park Mayor Esmeralda Moya submitted this statement to the North Channel Star concerning the Evelyn Churchill Community Building:

“As we all know, the Evelyn Churchill Community Building was closed by order of the Fire Marshal due to dangerous conditions disclosed by Commissioner Eric Broussard at a City Council meeting.

The City learned upon inspection by the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector that no building permit had been sought for what was supposed to only be ‘work to bring the building up to minimum building codes.’ As we learned, walls were taken out, many never mentioned “improvements” were made and it now appears that mold remediation work was improperly done. The building has since been tested by experts and two types of mold and asbestos were found inside the building.

For a second opinion on what must now be done in order to address these issues, additional experts were retained and they recently inspected and tested the building further. I have requested that they provide a complete report on the condition of the building and what must be done so it can once again be utilized by the community, and to advise the City as to the costs for any required remediation and finishing the build back. Only then will we know when the building might be re-opened.

Local resident reports on hazardous community problem

An 18-wheeler truck with hazardous cargo parks within 30 feet of children’s swimming pool. The pool can be observed at the back right side. (Submitted Photo)
An 18-wheeler truck with hazardous cargo parks within 30 feet of children’s swimming pool. The pool can be observed at the back right side. (Submitted Photo)

Dear Editor North Channel Star:

I would like to inform you of a safety and health concern that our entire neighborhood is fighting about with the City of Houston. They have almost completed the construction of a Stripe truck stop in our neighborhood. We as a neighborhood were not consulted or informed of this business until after construction had started. We have over 500 family homes in our neighborhood. I have contacted every one of them and nobody approves of this truck stop. There are many concerns including but not limited to increase in crime rate, increase in drug trafficking, prostitution, air pollution, noise pollution, flooding and mostly traffic safety.

According to the Air Alliance Houston, our area has an increased cancer risk due to particulates from trucks and ships. Having a truck stop within 30 feet of where children play is no help. When it rains the people near the truck stop have water within a few inches of flooding their homes. The increased cemented area will increase this threat. Trucks will be parked within 20 feet of back yards with their motors running all night. This cannot be helpful to these working people trying to get a good night’s sleep, I do not believe that any air, noise pollution or flooding study was performed before the city approved this construction.

What’s Happening to Our Schools? It’s not good

Dear Editor,

My name is Dickie Woods. I came to the delightful little town of Highlands about 30 years ago. I saw good people, a great school system, little traffic and awesome landscape. I bought some properties and got involved in the community and started some businesses. I took leadership roles in Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, and Water District # 1. I have been a supporter of the Volunteer Fire Department and the School District with donations and participated in Partner’s In Education and the Goose Creek Education Foundation.

At one time, I had four grandkids in GCCISD. Now, I have two. One graduated and is in college (my oldest) and one moved away because of a job change by her dad. I never took time to personally get involved in the schools other than with the Chamber or Rotary. I didn’t see the need until this past year. I was asked a couple of months ago, as a chamber director, to represent the Highlands Community on the Citizens Bond Advisory Committee. I filled out the application and was accepted, so that began my involvement with the administration. Now, I am hearing more about what is happening in the District and it is disturbing.

A Call to Arms

Open Letter to the Public:

Our school district is in trouble and it is up to you to save it. Yes, you. A few brave souls have talked to, written, called, or emailed the seven Board members recently to ask for action regarding the current Superintendent. 400 or more expressed their opinion by personally attending the Board meeting on July 14. Now, the Board members need to hear from the rest of the thousands of you who care about the future of GCCISD. You need to demand that they stop the damage that is being done by the Superintendent’s personnel actions, as it is negatively affecting our schools, our principals, our teachers, our administrators, our counselors, our operations and support staff, and most importantly our children. Very simply, we made a mistake when we hired Salvador Cavazos and then allowed him to dismantle the very fabric and soul of our district. You need to demand that your school Board do the right thing, right now, and terminate this Superintendent’s employment with GCCISD immediately.

Dear Editor

Thank you so much for giving us old timers in North Shore a newspaper again. I have really missed the Sentinel. The only other local paper thrown is in Spanish, which I cannot read, and have missed local news and ads. I moved to North Shore in 1959. I’m hoping our almost defunct civic association can inspire activity through your paper.

Again thanks for the local news.

Dottie Woods