Channelview ISD attendance and graduation rates gain

attendance graduation ratesGraduation, attendance and academic achievement rates in the Channelview Independent School District are at exemplary levels, according to results from the Texas Academic Performance Report.

The graduation rate of Channelview High School students topped 91.1 percent, which is above the state average of 87.7 percent. District attendance rates also stood out at 96.8 percent, ahead of the state totals of 95.9 percent. As further evidence of the district’s efforts to keep students in school, Channelview’s dropout rate averaged 1.7 percent, as compared to the state average of 2.4 percent.

News of the high attendance and graduation rates shared the spotlight with the district’s academic success as students achieved the Texas Education Agency’s highest rating of “Met Standard” on the State of Texas Assessments for Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests.

Over the past seven years, Channelview’s academic progress has shown an upward trend. During the final two years of the previous state accountability system, CISD was rated as a Texas Recognized District. In that time, attendance rates also continued to improve.

“Our teachers are finding innovative ways to reach our students and it is obviously showing in terms of student achievement and attendance,” said Greg Ollis, Channelview ISD superintendent. “The constant improvement shows that students are extremely engaged in what they are learning which gives them a sense of enthusiasm about coming to school.”

The district has placed a strong emphasis on ensuring all students stay in school and graduate with their high school diploma. Some of the programs that are offered to students include online credit recovery courses, various work-study programs and more Career and Technical Education offerings.

According to the Texas Education Agency reports and district data, the district’s overall dropout rate remains around 1 percent which is a positive turnaround from 2006, when the dropout rate was reported at 7.1 percent.

“It’s a sign that programs like this, along with other efforts are working and more of our students are choosing to stay in school,” Channelview High School Principal Cindi Ollis said.

School officials also track the progress of students so that they will be able to provide them with any assistance they might need.

“We closely monitor these students,” Ms. Ollis said. “We are making special efforts to make sure they are successful.”