County Attorney sues Channelview truck stop

Truck Stop

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has filed suit against the owner and operator of a Channelview truck stop claiming it is a public nuisance because of criminal activity such as prostitution and robbery. Ryan is asking a court to order that the Key Truck Stop, located at 17124 I-10 East, take action to stop the criminal activity that has taken place at that location for years.

“Since January of 2010, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department has handled multiple criminal cases at the Key Truck Stop including prostitution, robbery, aggravated assault, and drug offenses,” said County Attorney Ryan. “The defendants are aware of these crimes yet have done nothing to stop them. It will obviously take legal action for them to do the right thing for this community.”

The defendants are Desai Pratap, owner of the property, and Channelview Enterprises, Inc., operator of the truck stop.

The County Attorney’s Office, representing the State of Texas, is asking for a temporary injunction ordering the defendants to take steps to stop these crimes, as well as a bond to ensure compliance with the court order. If the defendants violate the court order, Ryan will sue to forfeit the bond and close the location for a year.

“The County Attorney’s Office will continue to hold property owners accountable so that businesses do not become nuisances in their communities,” Ryan said. “The people who live, work and travel through an area have a right to be safe and not be subjected to criminal activity.”