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Debra Duncan entertains members at Chamber Gala

DEBORAH DUNCAN, well known TV personality on KHOU-TV Channel 11, was the featured speaker at the 37th Annual Chamber Gala.
DEBORAH DUNCAN, well known TV personality on KHOU-TV Channel 11, was the featured speaker at the 37th Annual Chamber Gala.

Life’s Lessons in a humorous manner

HOUSTON – It was certainly a Gala Evening, as several hundred Chamber members, guests and friends gathered last Jan. 25th at the Houston Hobby Airport Marriott hotel, for the 37th Annual Gala event. An exquisite meal, served with candlelight and wine, set the tone for the evening.

The featured speaker was Deborah Duncan, emmy award winning TV host of the program Great Day Houston. Prior to Houston, she was a radio and TV personality in Austin, Dallas and New York.

After telling a bit about her life, including amusing tales of her “evil sister” that she had to compete with, and her military family’s travels through Taiwan, Japan, Texas and elsewhere, she turned to stories of her community service, and the “Life’s Lessons” that she gleaned from that.

She said that Lesson One was that you are responsible for your own happiness.

Lesson Two: Value who you are, don’t compare yourself with others. They are not better.

Lesson Three: Sometimes you have to ask or speak what is on your mind.

Lesson Four: Try to know the rest of the story, and see something as others see it.

Lesson Five: Everyone is equal, and has value.

Lesson Six: Tell the ones you care about that you Love them when you can.

Deborah suffered an aneurism while working in New York City, still only in her 30s, and had only a 1-in-5 chance to survive, which she obviously did. But the lesson is to use opportunities when possible, because you don’t know when you won’t be able. She also lost a brother in a car crash, unexpectedly of course.

Duncan’s talk was extremely well received, and appreciated by the audience. In addition, she delivered a serious message with humor and verve that made it outstanding.

Awards were then given to members by Kim Gonzales and Margie Buentello. These were as follows:

  • Service on the Board over 6 years: Dr. Vicki Giles, Kim Barek, Edward Miller, and Dana Hopkins.
  • Ambassador of the Year: Mrs. Lucia Bates.
  • Board Member of the Year: Janet Allen.
  • Chamber Foundation Chairman: June Harris.
  • Volunteer of the Year: John Moore.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Wayne Oquin.
  • Life Member Award: Wilfred Broussard, Jr.
  • Business of the Year: Woodforest National Bank.

Following the award presentations, remarks were made by retiring board chairman Wilfred Broussard, Jr. and incoming chairman Greg Ollis.

The next scheduled luncheon for the Chamber will be Friday, Jan. 7th. The program will be Jill Boullion of the Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition.