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Dear Editor

Thank you so much for giving us old timers in North Shore a newspaper again. I have really missed the Sentinel. The only other local paper thrown is in Spanish, which I cannot read, and have missed local news and ads. I moved to North Shore in 1959. I’m hoping our almost defunct civic association can inspire activity through your paper.

Again thanks for the local news.

Dottie Woods


  1. Ron Gann Ron Gann Apr 25, 2014

    I ‘second’ Dottie’s comments of appreciation. I am a native of the area, having been born in Jacinto City in 1942 and lived in the North Channel area all of my life. Thanks Ken for ‘taking a chance’ and adding again to an enhanced ‘community feel’ through our own Newspaper!

    • Ron Gann Ron Gann Apr 25, 2014

      correction: “thank you GIL…guess I was thinking of you and your lovely wife as “Ken & Barbie” LOL

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