Touch of Life: Yard Work

don springer headshotBy Don Springer

I’ve been home a month today and I’m right back where I am every year at this time — behind. At least the grass has been cut twice since returning and trimmed almost all the way around the house at least once, mostly twice.

Every year I think I’m returning earlier so I will be in step with my neighbors on outside house and lawn care but it never happens. I think of the colder temperatures here in March and decide the Houston area is more appealing to me. Now, everything is nice and warm here and Dave tells me you have had some really hot and humid weather there already.

Saw in the paper where the temp. hit 106 in Brownsville a few days ago. Hottest April day in history I read. I’m ready to submit to the gods when it gets that hot and humid. Experienced a lot of those hot temperatures the two years we were in Saudi, but never the humidity.

Walked outside yesterday with Maggie and my daughter’s dog Harvey, There were three big bunny rabbits in the grass several yards away. They didn’t move until we started walking out the drive. Maggie isn’t interested in the chase and little Harvey; a Shiatsu didn’t know quite what to think. The rabbits were at least as big as he is and one of them much larger.

We have had a couple of deer killed on the semi-rural road that least too our subdivision already this year. Both happened the same day I believe. Our access road is between the forested hill and the river. All sorts of animals come out of those trees and head for the river with the result of some collision. The animals always get the worst of it.

Not only am I behind on outside work but after being away for over three months the inside of the house isn’t the cleanest thing around. Anyone want to buy some dust balls? I got lots of them.

Shortly after coming home had to make a serious trip to the grocery store. I made a list as long as my arm before leaving to stock-up. As I went through the check-out I felt as though I was being separated from my life savings. I hate to grocery shop and usually spend as little time as I can at it. Linda did all of grocery shopping while we were together with my contribution was an occasion loaf of bread, milk, as I drove by a store on my way home. I was spoiled for 56 years.

One of the big problems I have in a large Wal-Mart or Kroger’s is remembering what isle holds what items. Signs don’t always help me. Linda has been gone for 4 12 years now and I should be used to grocery shopping now, but it hasn’t happened.

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!