This newspaper has received orders from the new District Director of the US Postal Service to remove all its circulation boxes from Post Office property, in Highlands, Crosby, Huffman, Mont Belvieu, and Galena Park.

In his letter, director Yul Melonson said his motivation is “a clean, uncluttered retail environment.”

Publisher Gilbert Hoffman sent a letter to Melonson, pointing out the inconvenience to thousands of readers, and the benefits of attracting the public to his facilities. In the meantime, the newspaper is increasing circulation at area locations such as markets, libraries, convenience stores, banks and more.

To ensure you receive a paper, we suggest you consider a mail subscription. A subscription form in inside this issue.

If you want the newspaper at the Post Office, we suggest you contact your local Postmaster, and the District Director by phone, mail, or fax with your opinion. His contact info:

Yul Melonson, District Director
4600 Aldine Bender Rd.
Rm 800
Houston, TX 77315-0800

PHONE 713-226-3717
FAX 713-226-3700