Chamber hears of Youth-Reach intervention work

CURT WILLIAMS, Director of Youth-Reach.
CURT WILLIAMS, Director of Youth-Reach.
CURT WILLIAMS, Director of Youth-Reach.

NORTH CHANNEL – The Chamber of Commerce luncheon featured a presentation by Curt Williams, the director of Youth-Reach. Founded in 1984, this little known institution has worked with over 2,200 boys who were “troubled and delinquent.”

Youth-Reach was started by Williams, after experiencing in his own youth addiction and pain, many problems of the boys that he eventually decided to help. In 1984 he changed, committing his life to Christ.

In the early years, Williams ministered to boys on the streets of Montrose, but later he was given a home in east Houston, and he began to serve boys with hope of improving their lives.

The original campus, on a side street off Old Beaumont Highway, has grown to 26 acres, as well as a second campus in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The Houston campus serves boys from 12 to 17 years of age, and the Alabama location from 18 to 21. This second campus is now 81 acres large. Boys learn life skills, responsibility, and a high school education.

Williams emphasized that the organization does not charge for any services, and does not receive any government help. Income is completely from donations and foundations. The state licenses the facility as a long-term residential foster-care home.

Youth-Reach is administered by a board of directors, including many community leaders, such as Judge Mike Parrott, and others.

Boys taken in must commit to Christian principles, although religion is not taught there. A child can stay at Youth-Reach for as long as they need a home and continue to make progress.

Approximately 20 boys are present on the Houston campus, and Williams long-term plan is to expand to 35 boys, and eventually 35 girls.

Williams points to the progress his boys make, including the one who now runs the day-to-day operations, a graduate of the organization.