JACINTO CITY DRAINAGE PROBLEM: Main Drainage Channel requires urgent work to clear blockage

jacinto city drainage problemJACINTO CITY – The Harris County Flood Control District main drainage channel from this city to the Ship Channel has had major blockage since November of last year, due to a collapse of the concrete liner along the south surface near Holland Avenue.

This drainage channel is known as Turkey Run Gully, emptying into Hunting Bayou to the east, according to local resident Allan Jamail.

This channel reportedly is responsible for draining 75% of the watershed around Jacinto City, and citizens are concerned that if a major hurricane were to hit this year, flooding and water damage would be widespread.

Marvin James, manager with the Harris County Flood Control District, has advised the Star that repairs for the channel have been bid, and are awaiting approval of the Commissioners Court, which could come as soon as next Tuesday, June 2.

Then the contractor, N and Z Contracting, could start work shortly thereafter, according to James. Mr. Jamail termed this a “vital repair” for the safety of all Jacinto City residents, prior to hurricane season.