Zero Tolerance for New Years in Jacinto City

Zero Tolerance
Gunfire & Fireworks are Illegal in Jacinto City

Jacinto City, TX December 28, 2015: In an effort to make New Year’s Eve safe in Jacinto City the city has ordered a zero tolerance enforcement of laws banning celebratory gunfire and fireworks. Every patrol vehicle and unmarked car owned by the city will be patrolling our streets and writing citations to all violators. Our goal is to warn residents about the dangers of both gunfire and fireworks during holiday celebrations. Last year a resident in Southeast Houston was struck and killed by a bullet fired during a New Year’s Eve celebration. One moment he was on his porch watching fireworks then the next he was on the ground bleeding profusely from a bullet wound to the head. Many people don’t realize that each bullet fired will come down with a velocity capable of causing extensive injuries or death. The goal is not to dampen anybody’s celebration just to avoid a senseless tragedy that can easily be prevented.

Fireworks are included in the enforcement effort due to the potential for injuries or fires. Over the last year in the United States there was over 10,500 fireworks related injuries requiring medical treatment. The largest culprit was the simple sparkler which is the leading cause for hand injuries since it remains extremely hot long after it “goes out”.

Residents needing to report gunfire or the use of fireworks can call 911 without giving their name or having to speak to an officer. With over a dozen units patrolling the city, our police should have a quick response time and be able to make a significant impact on this longstanding problem.

We are asking neighbors to spread the word about this effort. Warnings will also be posted on all city signs. The goal of the program is not to write citations. We would prefer to have voluntary compliance rather than citations.