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New Channelview Fire Station groundbreaking

Architect’s rendering of the new Channelview Fire Station #3, under construction on Dell Dale. The station will be fully operational by October 2017. EMS offices are on the left, truck bays and firemen’s quarters at right. The building will also house the restored first Channelview FD fire truck, a 1952 Mack pumper.

CHANNELVIEW – The Emergency Service District #50, and the Channelview Fire Department, held a groundbreaking ceremony last Thursday, Nov. 3 at the site of the new Station #3 at 1210 Dell Dale.

Present at the ceremony were the ESD commissioiners, the building committee, and contractors, architects, and interested members of the public.

This is the second new station that Channelview FD has built in the last two years. Station #1 was completed last year on Market Street. In his welcoming remarks, ESD Administrator Jimmy Sumbera noted the rapid growth of the area, and the increase in service calls.

The new station will replace the current fire station a few blocks away on Dell Dale. It will house a District Chief, a medic unit, and an engine company, with room to expand to double this capability.

Sumbera said that the station will be fully operational by October 2017. It is expected to respond to 2200 EMS calls and 680 fire calls during its first year in operation.

The ESD and Fire Department administration will also be located in the new building. The space will include training facilities and a training room that will accommodate 50 students.

Also present at the ceremony were the ESD commissioners, the bulding committee (Jim Owens, Ben Ballew, Jimmy Sumbera, Chad Mikush, Nathan Mathews) and Architects Slattery Tackett and General Contractor Durotech Inc.