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Jacinto City Mayor awards volunteers

Front Row (L to R): Chispirrin (clown, Jaime Valdez), Erick A. Jaime, Erick Pena, Angel Jaime, Oziel Salinas, Jr., Vicente Salinas, Miguel Pena, Edgar A. Salinas, Jose Angel Pena. Back Row (L to R): Felix Ochoa, Marisol González, Teresa Tamez, Francis González, Marisa De La Cruz, Maria Guadalupe Barba, Maria Guadalupe Jaime, Maria Teresa Arzapala, Mayor Ana Diaz, former Mayor Allan Jamail, Irasema Salinas, Noema B. González, Rosa M. Godínez, Myriam Cortez, Esther Gallardo, Rosa De La Cruz, Maribel Tamez. Volunteers not present: Nora Elia Cruz, Patricia Nava, Susana Palacios, Oziel Salinas, Carmen Ochoa, Irma Ochoa, Ramiro Alvarado, Armida Patricia Pena, Nancy Patricia Romero. (Photo by Linda Jamail)

Jacinto City, TX. Thursday, January 26, 2017 — At the City Council meeting Mayor Ana Diaz and former Mayor Allan Jamail recognized volunteerism in the city. Each volunteer received a certificate of recognition for exceptional dedication and volunteering services to the community signed by both Diaz and Jamail.

At the close of the city’s business meeting but before adjournment the Award Ceremony consisted of certificate presentations, a Zumba exercise dance by Lupita’s Crazy Energy Z Fitness (832-882-3562), magic tricks performed by Chispirrin Magic Show (832-909-4915) and Norteño Mexican folk music by brothers Edgar Salinas, Oziel Salinas Jr., and Felix Ochoa. Refreshments were donated by Constable Chris Diaz.

In a separate ceremony at City Hall Special Volunteer Appreciation Awards was presented to fulltime city officials, City Secretary Joyce Raines with 30 years of service and City Finance Manager Kathy Greiner with 38 years of service for their valuable volunteer service to the city. Both Mayor Ana Diaz and former Mayor Allan Jamail praised Joyce and Kathy for annually giving more volunteer hours to the city than anyone.

City Manager Lon Squyres said Joyce and Kathy never complain about staying after work or doing what may not be within their job description. They adapt to whatever happens and always have a can do attitude no matter the task, in short, if I had to sum up their role it would be that they are the glue that holds Jacinto City together Squyres said.