NORTH CHANNEL CHAMBER: Rockets Mascot “Clutch” speaks about his career

Members of the North Channel Chamber were entertained by a speaker that they knew in costume, as “Clutch the Bear” the Houston Rockets mascot, but didn’t know as a person. Robert Boudwin spoke about his personal live, including the 21 years he enjoyed and profited from being mascot Clutch, and the “craziest half hour of my life” with several personal tragedies in 2011.

Boudwin showed a video of his stunts and performances as Clutch. He said he talked his way into the job, starting at $20,000 a year and ending at $300,000 a year.

His tragedies included a father with cystos fibrosis that needed a lung transplan, a wife that left him at his time of crisis, and the sale of his house in the midst of this. Boudwin has become an advocate for organ transplants, and urged the audience to register for this cause. He said that 9.5 million people are registered in Texas to donate organs on their death. The website for this is

Boudwin is an accomplished performer, marketeer, coach, and producer of school shows. He estimates that in 21 years he has presented at 1750 schools.

Boudwin has won many awards for his work as a mascot, and appeared in several other costumes at other events.

As an inspirational speaker, he often talks with high school students. He urges them to “over-deliver” to succeed.

He points out that there are three good “I’s” to live by:

  • Integrity
  • Initiative
  • Inspiration

In turn, he says there are three bad “I’s” to avoid:

  • Indifference (I don’t care)
  • Ignorance (I don’t know)
  • Insignificance (I don’t matter)

Boudwin’s life story is about going from “Tragedy to Triumph” and his personal career story of perseverance and persistence along the way.

He has motivated tens of thousands, he says, with his “SMILES” presentation. Since his release from the Rockets, he has been developing a new mascot character known as “Newton” that he takes with him to schools and events.