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Jacinto City celebrates Memorial Day


Group photo: Sheila Jackson Lee and Charles Scott (center) who led the pledge to the flag. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (center with flag) with resident Charles Scott who led the pledge to the flag.

Representatives Lee and Hernandez honor Veterans

Jacinto City, TX. – May 26, 2017 at the Jacinto City Health Care Center Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and State Representative Ana Hernandez recognized Memorial Day. Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee presented a United States Flag to Veterans that flew over the United States Capitol in Washington, D. C. and a proclamation paying tribute to those of the Armed Forces.

Representative Ana Hernandez while in Austin because the Texas Legislature is in session was represented by her Community Liaison Linda Jamail who presented a Texas flag which flew over the Texas Capitol and a certificate honoring those who died in service to the country.

Former Jacinto City Mayor Allan Jamail (founder of Keep Jacinto City Clean) was the Master of Ceremonies. He began the memorial ceremony with a prayer and was followed by army Veteran Charles Scott a retired Jacinto City employee who’s now a resident of the health care center.

The Honorable Congresswoman Lee stated, “I am humbled and honored to be with you this afternoon in the presence of heroes and in remembrance of every man and woman of the Armed Forces who gave the last full measure of devotion in defense of our country.”

She said, “Memorial Day is a reminder to all of us who live in freedom that as President Kennedy said, ‘The price of freedom is high, but Americans have always paid it.’”

Lee reminded those in attendance with the following information:

That each May, veteran and service organizations come together to hold events around the country to demonstrate their gratitude to current and former men and women in uniform and their families for their service to our country.

They are the Army, the Army Reserve Army National Guard. They are the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve. The Navy and the Navy Reserve; the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve Air National Guard and the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve.

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, the conflict that deeply involved and affected every member of my generation, but none more so than the families and loved ones of the 58,148 men and women who never returned home but whose valor and sacrifice is forever enshrined on the sacred Wall of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

357 of those names remind us of the sacrifice on the altar of freedom made by the families of Houston.

Of the 2.7 million Americans who served in uniform in Vietnam, more than 10% (362,000) were killed or wounded, including 5 Americans soldiers who were just 16 years old.

The average age of the soldiers who fought in Vietnam was just 22 years old and 61% of those killed were younger than 21. Three in every five (61%) of those killed were younger than 21 and 17,539 among those killed would never again see their wives and children.

The emotional and tearful event ended with the flag presentations to the Jacinto City Health Care Center representatives, Division President Steve Wicks, Director of Operations Sandra Brown and Director Melissa Armstrong.