Rep. Hernandez Files Legislation to support teachers, retirees

AUSTIN, TX – July 20, 2017 – Governor Abbott added additional items to his special session call, including measures to “increase the salary and benefits (including TRS-Care) of Texas teachers.”

Answering this new item on the call, Representative Ana Hernandez (D Houston) has filed House Bill 246, which would provide a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) tied to the Consumer Price Index for all TRS retirees.

“Fully funding TRS-Care is a necessary, but insufficient, step toward keeping our promises to Texas’s educators,” Hernandez said. “Even with adequate funding levels, cost-of-living increases and market volatility will continue to affect insurance premiums. The state needs to step up, put its money where its mouth is, and provide long-term financial relief for our school district retirees. If we are serious about supporting our classroom teachers in the work they do every day in shaping the next generation of Texans, then House Bill 246 must receive a hearing and full consideration before the House.”