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Jacinto City’s new swimming pool underway for 2018 opening


By Allan Jamail

Jacinto City, TX. – Monday, November 20, 2017 – Jacinto City residents will be enjoying a new pool when the 2018 swim season begins, after not having a swimming pool for the last two summers because the old pool became unusable. The old pool floated up out of the ground severely damaging the pool structure and adjoining concrete apron surrounding the pool along with the water lines.

City Manager Lon Squyres after an extensive cost analysis to repair the damaged pool determined in the long term interest of the city it would be best to demolished the old pool and replace it with a new modern pool.

Squyres said, “The pool will be ready to open in the early spring and while we have not set the weekly schedule yet we would like to have it open prior to Memorial Day weekend.”

The new pool will have an irregular shape and is slightly larger than the old pool. The pools deepest part will be 5 feet and it’ll contain 111,255 gallons along with a splash pad. Parents will have shaded seating areas when watching their children.

“We anticipate the splash pad to operate as part of the pool and included with the entrance fee while the pool is open. When the pool is not open the splash pad will still operate by user activation and be free. We are working on the fee schedule and may offer discounts for the city’s residents and season passes. Admission will not have a minimum age if children are supervised by an adult. The pool will primarily serve the citizens of Jacinto City” Squyres said.

Progressive Commercial Aquatics is contracted to build the pool for $ 1,178,000, the splash pad is included.

Mitchell Contracting will remodel the pool bath house for $149,709, which includes roofing and handicap accessibilities.