Voters keep Galena Park dry

County-wide turnout low at 6.7%, but high in GP with 762 votes

GALENA PARK – Voters went to the polls in large numbers in this city, due to acute interest in only one issue, whether alcohol sales would be allowed in the city. Proponents of the measure said that it would bring new business to the city and generate income. Opponents said that the history of alcohol sales in Galena Park showed it attracted trouble from the wrong crowd, and would change the nature of the peaceful city.

Campaigning continued for weeks through the city, and citizens voiced their opinions at Council meetings and in social media. Signs against the issue could be seen throughout.

The final unofficial vote count, according to City Secretary Mayra Gonzalez, was 277 For votes, and 482 Against votes, defeating the Proposition. Early voting in person and by mail exceeded election day. 448 voted early, and 314 voted on election day, a total of 762 votes.

The other ballot was for state constitutional amendments. This year the legislature worked tirelessly to produce seven propositions. Some in detail seemed silly, others are a half step towards doing the right thing.

Voters took them seriously in Harris County. Proposition One exempted the partially disabled veteran or surviving spouse of one from property taxes for a residence homestead that was donated the property by a charitable organization or sold for less than market value. The proposition harmonized provisions in the Texas Constitution. It passed in Harris County 110,111 to 15,776 or 87.47% to 12.53%.

Proposition 2 was about making stabilizing home equity loans. It was very serious and about needed clarification of home equity loans. It passed 96,812 to 27,981.

Proposition 3 limited the time an appointee could hold office after his term of office was concluded. It was worded like it was about term limits but had nothing whatever to do with it. It passed 96,812 to 27,981 or 77.58 % to 22.42%.

Proposition 4 allows the legislature to set a waiting period before the court may enter a judgement holding a statue unconstitutional. This passed 82,221 to 40,390.

Proposition 5 allows professional sports teams to have their charitable foundations to host raffles. It passed 81,195 to 39,785.

Proposition 6 provides an exemption from property taxes to surviving spouses of first responders killed or fatally wounded in the line of duty. But if only crippled they need to pay in full. It passed 106,323 to 18,683.

The least popular proposition was Proposition 7. It allows financial institutions to award prizes by lot to promote savings. It passed 80,073 to 42,534 or 65.31% to 34.69%.

A bunch of money was spent to hold elections that determine the future of the area locally and only a stalwart few cast a ballot. It looks as if apathy is the overwhelming winner in the off candidate elections. More turn out to vote for representatives generally, which election is to be held in two years.