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Hernandez hosts Regional Public Education Roundtable

Representative Ana Hernandez discussing educational issues with some of the region’s school board members and superintendents that’ll prepare her to better address their needs. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Galena Park, TX. – On April 23, 2018, State Representative Ana Hernandez (D-Houston) hosted school board members and superintendents from school districts of Houston, Galena Park, Spring, Pasadena, and Goose Creek for a roundtable education policy discussion at the Galena Park ISD Administration Building. Also in attendance was Dr. Ray Freeman, Executive Director for the Equity Center, a non-profit that serves as the largest education-specific finance research and advocacy organization in the nation.

Attendees discussed current updates on the School Finance Commission’s efforts to seek out new revenue for public schools, the effect of Hurricane Harvey on local campuses, the need for increased support in the recruitment, training and retention of quality educators, determining fair standardized testing standards, ongoing efforts to improve school safety, and the need for more regional cooperation in advocating for resources for local districts.

“We are much stronger when we speak together with one voice than when we operate individually. Today’s roundtable emphasized the need for our regional leadership to work together and, unified, advocate for the state to carry its fair share of the cost of supporting our neighborhood campuses, fight for safer schools, push for reasonable accountability standards, and secure every tool necessary to give our children the opportunities they need to pursue their dreams,” Hernandez said.

Representative Hernandez has worked aggressively to support public education. Over the last two legislative sessions, she passed bills to help students and parents select the high school classes that best match with a student’s career plans and help meet state financial aid requirements.