Jacinto City’s new swimming pool opens

Back row L – R: City Manager Lon Squyres, Linda Jamail (Community Liaison Rep. Ana Hernandez office), Councilmen Jimmy “JJ” Rivas, Allen Lee, Mario Gonzales and Ivan Rojas, Parks and Recreation Director. Cutting the ribbon L – R: Brothers Ricardo and Emmanuel Navarro, Councilman Gregg Robinson and Mayor Ana Diaz.

By Allan Jamail

Saturday, May 26, 2018 — Jacinto City opened its swimming pool, which boasts a twisting turbo slide, splash pad, and an area with a river-like current that takes swimmers swirling swiftly at fast speeds around the pool.

City Manager Lon Squyres said the state of the art pool automatically checks and adjusts the chlorine and chemical levels of the water to insure the water stays healthy while in use.

“The pool will primarily serve the citizens of Jacinto City,” Squyres said.

Progressive Commercial Aquatics was contracted to build the pool for $ 1,178,000.

Call 713-673-4624 or 713-674-8424 for pool hours and information.