Mayor Moya posts strong victory in Galena Park Election

Incumbent Mayor Esmeralda Moya, and her slate of candidates, in unofficial results, received a strong majority of the votes in Saturday’s municipal election. In the Mayor’s race there were four candidates, but none showed a strong following compared with Moya, who received 747 votes out of a total of 1221, for a percentage of 61%. The next closest was Juan Flores, with 267 votes.

Elected for Commissioner Position 1 was Zenaida Granados with 740 votes. Elected for Commissioner Position 2 was Rodney Chersky with 746 votes. Elected for Commissioner Position 3 was Veronica Garcia with 713 votes. Elected for Commissioner Position 4 was Barry Ponder with 747 votes.

Of the losing candidates, it was noteworthy that former Mayor Bobby Barrett only received 163 votes for a 3rd of 4 candidates for the position. Incumbent Commissioner Rodney Chersky moved from Position 1 to Position 2, and incumbent Commissioner Broussard was defeated for Position 3. Incumbent Commissioner Position 4 Ponder had 747 total votes, the same as the Mayor. For Position 4, Maria Rodriguez had the highest vote total of any of the losing candidates, with 441 total.

Election Data shows that Early Voting was decisive in determining the results, with about 80% of the vote tally coming in the Early Voting in person or by mail. The complete Unofficial Election Results are as follows: