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Jacinto City elementary school celebrates 75th anniversary

Jacinto City Elementary School’s 5th grade Honor Choir under the direction of music teacher Jueretta Berry provided entertainment at the 75th anniversary celebration ceremony. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Jacinto City, Texas – On Thursday, April 18, 2019 the Jacinto City Elementary School celebrated 75 years of educating children. The celebration brought together former students, teachers, administrators and parents of current students.

Principal Becky Gardea the Master of Ceremonies began the program with students leading the 200 plus in attendance with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag followed with a prayer from Franklin Kilpatrick a former student.

Librarian Sharon Dixon gave the history of the school which she said began in 1943-44 in a small single story building consisting of an office, small kitchen, cafeteria and several classrooms. The first few years the number of students needing to be taught was so large it required teaching in two shifts. As student growth continued the school’s made several additions to it. It was first named Industrial Elementary School since it was located in an unincorporated area known as Industrial Acres.

In May of 1946 citizens in the area petitioned the state and formed what’s now Jacinto City, the Galena Park school district renamed the school to Jacinto City Elementary School.

Principal Robert E. Wallace in 1944 was hired as the first principal, he had a staff of thirteen; he served for thirty years until 1974.

Principal L. D. “Red” Jones followed Wallace for the next twenty years, followed by Principal Jim Keal for twelve years until the current Principal Becky Gardea was hired and is in her seventh year.

Entertainment was provided by the Fifth Grade Honor Choir under the direction of music teacher Jueretta Berry and Soloist Alex Castro, a Jacinto City Elementary 5th grader with his solo performance of God Bless America.

Teachers and students wearing tee shirts displaying the schools tiger mascot provided guided tours throughout the school building as former students and visitors toured the school.

School officials present, Board of Trustees Wilfred Broussard Jr, Ramon Garza, Jeff Miller, Superintendent Dr. Angi Williams, Assistant Superintendent Terri Moore, Assistant Principal Cecilia Meza and Administrative Aide Dina Gonzales.

State Senator Carol Alvarado and State Representative Ana Hernandez had certificates of accomplishments presented by Sara Montelongo-Oyervidez and Linda Jamail respectively.