Sheldon ISD Board approves employee salary increases

Members of the Sheldon ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved 2019-2020 staff pay raises – which also included current teacher salary increases ranging from 10-15 percent – at Tuesday’s regular school board meeting in the Ney Administration Building Boardroom.

Sheldon ISD Superintendent King Davis said these salary increases will help keep the district competitive with neighboring school districts while also providing one of the highest pay increases in the greater Houston and surrounding areas.

“We are incredibly grateful to have a board that values our district employees,” Davis said. “We also realize that our employees have many choices as to where they can work, and we are delighted they have chosen Sheldon ISD as their school district of choice.”

According to an email that was sent to Sheldon ISD employees following Tuesday’s board meeting, all current teachers and certified professionals will receive at least a 10-percent pay increase based on their years of service. In addition, administrators and paraprofessionals will receive 7- percent salary increases, and auxiliary staff will have their hourly wages increased by $1.00 per hour.

Please see the breakdown of the salary increases in the chart below.

These salary increases will go into effect on the first pay period for each employee’s pay calendar (i.e., 187- day teachers and most paraprofessionals = Sept. 5).