Renowned Attorney Mike Ramsey dead at 79


HOUSTON – Longtime Houston-area defense attorney Michael Ramsey died at the age of 79 on July 28, 2019.

Ramsey was known nationally as a top Defense Attorney, but lived and grew up in the Channelview area. He also maintained a cabin in East Texas, where he often retreated to work on his difficult high profile cases.

Ramsey had a lengthy career in the Houston area and represented big names such as Ken Lay during the Enron scandal and Robert Durst during his murder trial in Galveston.

Local realtor Frank Nadolney was a friend who knew him well. He talks about his loyalty to the North Shore area, even as he became nationally known.

“He liked to retreat to his cabin in East Texas to work on cases away from the pressures of the big city,” Nadolney relates.

“He never really sought the spotlight. His presence was understated and underestimated. He was a lawyer’s lawyer,” fellow attorney Dan Cogdell said after Ramsey’s death.

Ramsey is survived by his wife, Sharon, and his son.