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Patient Advocate opens CBD store

Maria Azua and Gabriel Reynaga at their PURECBD Store.

PURE CBD Helping Locals Understand and Utilize Alternative Relief

When Maria Azua and her husband, Gabriel Reynaga decided to learn more about the CBD industry, it wasn’t because of the growing trends and buzz around alternative medicine. It was because they watched their two young daughters suffer in pain from diseases that eventually took their young lives.

It is with a heavy heart when you hear Maria’s stories of burying her 10 year old and 15 year old daughters due to type-2 juvenile diabetes and a rare form of brain disease called Sandhoff’s all in the last five years. Her story resonates of desperation as a parent frantic to give relief to her children who suffered from bone pain to gastroenterology complications. They researched alternatives and nothing worked that gave them the ability to function and coverage.

The families outreach is very intentional.

“We focus on helping our customers in the best way possible to provide pain relief where traditional medicine stops. We tried traditional pharmaceuticals for pain but it wasn’t stable or consistent for them. Losing two daughters who suffered pain led us to help others not suffer on their journey. CBD has been the consistent choice for us as a family and to recommend to others.”

***CBD is a non-THC strain derived from the hemp plant and legal in Texas. It is used as an alternative for pain management as well as to relieve stress and anxiety. Hemp derived CBD is commonly confused with the cannabis plant that is illegal in Texas.***

When asked about the future of CBD retail, Maria had this to say: “Coming out of the pandemic is good timing to open up a small business and introduce these solutions to area providers like chiropractors, holistic medical centers and other non-traditional providers of relief services. People need help to cope. It’s important we all connect together to help our community not just live but thrive.”

Grand opening festivities were scheduled for: Saturday, June 26, 2021 from 11:30am-8pm located at 12750 Woodforest Blvd at the shops of Woodforest Emporium.

Maria and Gabriel’s hearts are in the right place. “Connections within our community bonds us when times are good and when times aren’t so great, we need each other! This store gives us neighbors not just residential but churches, schools, medical, the service industry… There’s so much business that we all can help each other live better lives.”

“We’re very excited to be a part of our community and help those who feel at a loss like we once did with our daughters.”