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GP/JC CIP Meeting hears about Citizens Emergency Warnings

LEFT: DIANE SHERIDAN, CIP Facilitator reporting on local area cities emergency notification systems. She also reported on how citizens can report strange odors and receive emergency warnings. See article details. (Photo by Allan Jamail) RIGHT: ALEX RENDON, Director of Operations, Kinder Morgan (KM) Galena Park Terminal Presents to CIP meeting attendees a report on the types of products KM either
stores and/or transports through the Galena Park KM terminal. See article details. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Jacinto City Town Center – August 4, 2022 the CIP meeting was hosted by Kinder Morgan Inc. Diane Sheridan, CIP Facilitator called the meeting to order and GP-JC CIP Secretary Kristin Gauthier took the roll of members present and minutes of the meeting.

Alex Rendon, Director of Operations, for Kinder Morgan (KM) Galena Park Terminal gave the following information to the attendees.

50% of all motor oil on the Gulf Coast is either stored and/or transported through the KM Galena Park Clinton Drive Terminal.

Medical disinfectant, rubbing alcohol, nail polish, paint solvent, detergent, adhesives and other lubricants proponents are stored and/or transported through KM’S Galena Park Terminal.

KM is the Preferred US bio-diesel truck transporter in the renewable business.

On October 15th: was KM’s 3rd year anniversary of ZERO recordable injuries.

KM representative Rendon said, “Kinder Morgan is one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America. We own an interest in or operate approximately 83,000 miles of pipelines and 141 terminals. Our pipelines transport natural gas, gasoline, crude oil, carbon dioxide (CO2) and more. Our terminals store and handle renewable fuels, petroleum products, chemicals, vegetable oils and other products.”

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP, headquartered at One Allen Center in Houston, Texas, was cofounded by Richard Kinder and William Morgan. The company began in 1997, when Kinder, a former Enron executive, and Morgan purchased the liquid pipeline assets of Enron for $40 million.

KM’s Vision is: Delivering Energy to Improve Lives and Create a Better World.

Diane Sheridan, CIP Facilitator issued the following advice for persons wanting to monitor emergencies in their neighborhood and or city. Sheridan said, “ Always sign up for notifications from the city where you live (the city to which you pay taxes).

If you don’t live in a city and you live in an unincorporated part of your county signup at Ready”

At Ready   you can sign up to receive notifications from more than one location. Such as all the cities/counties in which you work, play or have immediate family members, list those cities/ counties too from which you want to receive emergency notifications/ community warnings.

If you live in Galena Park: Text SWIFT911 to 99538 to sign up for notices. Or request by sending an email to The city also posts emergency warnings on CityofGalenaPark

Tom Ehlers, Galena Park’s Fire Chief applied for and was approved for a state-of-the-art multiple siren warning system. Chief Ehlers said, “I’m hoping to get this system up and running before the end of the year.”

Allan Jamail, North Channel Star writer said, “Chief Ehlers is a bright forward thinking fire chief. After lots of research on communicating emergency warnings to the public he’s came up with a siren warning system that’s going to revolutionize how citizens will be warned of emergencies in the future. I’ll be doing an exclusive article on this in the future.”

If you live in Jacinto City sign up for emails at You can add additional phone numbers and email addresses for receiving messages at, lepc@jacintocity-tx-gov. Monitor their facebook page for emergency warnings at:

Both Galena Park and Jacinto City has large outdoor LED signs that will post warnings on them.

If you live in Houston: Sign up for alerts at Regardless where you live watch television stations for emergency warnings and do the same while in your vehicle, turn on the local radio news stations CIP Meeting on Emergency warnings.

Other CIP reports came from the Gulf Coast Authority’s (GCA) Washburn Tunnel Facility at 1002 N. Richey in Pasadena. Greg Seay representing the facility reported the plant exceeded its environmental permit limit with a daily violation of 48,205 lbs, which exceeded the permitted limit of 19,937 lbs. between July 11 & 12, 2022. He said it’s thought to have been caused by high temperatures in the first stage aeration tank. They made operational changes to lower the temperatures in the tank and will monitor the results to ensure permit compliance. Visit: to learn more about all of their facilities and their mission.

LyondellBasell reported on July 3rd their 736 Coker Unit had an over pressure event that resulted in flaring (fire flames with airborne pollutants) which resulted in unauthorized emissions of approximately 1,600 lbs. of **SO2 (RQ = 500 lbs. = “respiratory quotient”) The pollutant was released from a safety release valve (PSV).

LyondellBasell reported on July 3rd their 736 Coker Unit had an over pressure event that resulted in flaring (fire flames with airborne pollutants) which resulted in unauthorized emissions of approximately 1,600 lbs. of **SO2 (RQ = 500 lbs. = “respiratory quotient”). The pollutant was released from a safety release valve (PSV).

** Sulfur dioxide, SO2, is a colorless gas or liquid with a strong, choking odor. It is produced from the burning of fossil fuels (coal and oil) and the smelting of mineral ores (aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, and iron) that contain sulfur. Sulfur dioxide dissolves easily in water to form sulfuric acid. The cause is under investigation.

LyondellBasell is one of the world’s largest plastics, chemical and refining companies. They manufacture products at 58 sites in 18 countries. They have a Houston headquarters. Visit : to learn more.

Stay up-to-date with the CAER Online system that’s managed by the East Harris County Manufacturers’ Association (EHCMA). It informs residents in the member cities of the Houston Ship Channel Region about operational updates and events in member facilities. Incidents about noise, odors, smoke, flaring, pipelines, railcars, tanker trucks and more. Visit: and download the app on your cell phone.

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