GP/JC Rotary awards 19 Scholarships

The Galena Park/Jacinto City Rotary Club has awarded 19 scholarships to graduates for the 2023 year.

These scholarships are a result of funds raised by the club at their Cake Sale/Auction, and Million Dollar Potato Luncheon held earlier in the year.

The club thanks the community for their support of these events, and in turn is pleased to return the money to the community in the form of scholarships.

Culinary Service Award: $1,500: Aidan Martinez

Dr. Nichols Scholarship: $1,500: Roger Barquera

Abi Scholarship: $1,500: Abigail Garcia Villarreal

Achievement Scholarships: $1,500 Gabriel Barrero, Jacqueline Galvan, Isabel Silva, Victoria Tovar, Abigail Garcia Villarreal, Belinda Lopez, Oscar Gonzalez, Jazlynn Estrada, Roger Barquera

Recognition Scholarships: $500 Elijah Banda, Geraldine Cruz, Erika Zamora, Roberto Rodriguez, Not pictured (Thursday 6/1):Oscar Gonzalez, Erika Zamora, Geraldine Cruz