Precinct 2 Begins Road Improvements on Dell Dale Street in Channelview

CHANNELVIEW – Harris County Precinct 2 crews will soon begin making improvements to a dark and busy stretch of road in Channelview.

The Revive 2 Thrive project comes almost six months after Jacqueline Gonzalez, 25, was hit and killed while attempting to cross the street near the 2200 block of Dell Dale Street on the night of December 5.

“There’s no sidewalk, so she decided to cross the street to get over to where there was a sidewalk, but it was very dark. The car who hit her didn’t see her,” said Jacqueline’s mother Susana Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said she went to Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia for help after authorities determined poor lighting also played a factor in the crash.

“We have looked at the crash data, and there’s a significant number of crashes involving injury in the area because, number one, it’s dark. It’s a long stretch without any indication that you have to control your speed,” said Commissioner Garcia.

Garcia and his team have since committed $1.6 million to the project which will include three phases and 1.8 miles of sidewalk.

“We have devised a Revive to Thrive phase 3 project, which will include the sidewalks. It will be phase one. The second phase will be street lighting, and third phase will be a caution light at the intersection of where the accident happened,” Garcia said.

Garcia said work on the project is expected to begin in the next month with all three phases expected to be complete by October 2024.