TxDOT studies future plans for I-10 Highway

Part 2 of a series…

By Allan Jamail

February 6, 2024 – Houston, TX – In October 2016, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), in cooperation with local and regional agencies, stakeholders and the public, began planning activities on the Interstate Highway 10 Corridor East Planning and Environmental Linkages (I-10E PEL) Study.

The study area for the I-10 E PEL spans a 30-mile segment of I-10 in Harris and Chambers Counties. The study extends from IH 69/US 59 in central Houston (Harris County) on the western end to SH 99 (Grand Parkway) south of Mont Belvieu (Chambers County) on the east end. The Corridor is located primarily in Harris County, with approximately two miles in Chambers County.

The corridor within the study area has been identified in many previous local, regional or national studies. These reports will provides a list and a summary of previous studies along or relevant to this corridor.

Today the Houston-Galveston region is enjoying a dynamic metropolitan economy – leading Texas in economic recovery, growth and development. Rapid economic growth is not new to this region. Since 1980, about one million new residents were added every decade. Most recent estimates suggest population growth of over 120,000 new residents each year.

The outlook anticipates this region will continue its economic development and growth, as noted by the following:

1. 4th in the nation in regional GDP

2. 1.5 million additional jobs will be added by 2040 – for a total of almost 4 million

3. 60% increase in vehicular travel and double the movement of freight over the next 25 years

4. 2% annual population growth, adding almost 4 million persons by 2040.

The existing and future transportation demand of the study area exceeds the capacity of the local roadways and many of the study area’s roadways have high crash rates. Projected population growth within the study area is expected to place an even greater strain on the existing transportation infrastructure and likely to increase minor and fatality crashes.

The summaries of previous studies include information that maybe relevant to this study such as goals and objectives, outcome and/or recommendations, public involvement, and any ongoing activities. This report is one of the first deliverables for the scope of services performed on this PEL Study and thus prepared in such manner. The report will eventually be incorporated into the overall I-10E PEL Study report in the form of a brief content and an appendix.

There are 4 different municipal jurisdictional boundaries within the corridor: Houston, Jacinto City, Baytown, and Mont Belvieu. The study area includes 10 miles in Houston’s city limits, 8 miles in Houston’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), 9 miles in Baytown’s city limits, and 3 miles in Baytown’s ETJ. The study area, along with these boundaries, are illustrated in the photo.