Sawyer Yards a Cornucopia of Art every Second Saturday

The Market at Sawyer Yards, an outdoor arts and crafts market, will make its return on Saturday, March 9th, running from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event will take place in Art Alley at Sawyer Yards, conveniently located at 2101 Winter St., surrounded by The Silos at Sawyer Yards, Winter St., First Industrial and Silver Street Studios. Art Alley, once a bustling rail line serving the Mahatma Rice Company, has since been transformed into a vibrant hub for local artists.

Since its inception in May of 2016, The Market has been a staple on 2nd Saturdays, coinciding with Second Saturday Open Studios at Sawyer Yards. It has consistently offered patrons a dynamic outdoor experience complementing the serene atmosphere of the indoor art studios.

As the market approaches its 8th anniversary milestone, attendees are encouraged to mark their calendars for the upcoming markets on April 13th and May 11th. The May 11th event will hold special significance as it commemorates the 8th anniversary and marks the final market at this location.

Visitors can expect to discover a diverse array of handcrafted ceramics, woodwork, fiber art, leather goods, and folk creations. Additionally, a variety of delectable treats will be available from packaged food vendors, ranging from cheesecake and chocolates to jams, jellies, and convenient Indian cuisine to – go. As always, a food truck will be stationed on-site.

For those seeking further information and a sneak peek of the full roster of exhibitors, the market’s website https:// has all the details.

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