Area needs cleaned up… and more

How can we get the city & county, in cleaning up the Wallisville road area, especially all the way from the area starting at Christian Tabernacle Church all the way to Maxey Road. Some is handled by Commissioner Jack Morman’s office as far as the bridge, but the rest of the way is the city. I called 311 over a year ago & asked them to pick up the trash and to clean up the area just before Uvalde Ranch apts., and here it is a whole year later, and still all the trash is there, & now 2 trees are dead & about to fall on Wallisville road. I have contacted Audra with Morman’s office about restripeing the road as well, and that was 3 months ago, & still I am almost side swiped everyday due to people not knowing where the lane is because the stripes are gone.

Also the nursing home Legend Oaks on the other end of Wallisville, needs its own turn lane in & out of their location, it is Extremly dangerous getting in & out of that location. I have contacted Congressman Gene Green’s office, and they said all of this is out of his jurisdiction. We really need to make this area alot cleaner. If someone would just provide a dumpster, I will clean it all up myself. I am not afraid of work at all, how about get the football teams of Galena Park School District involved with a community clean up??? thank you and I am so glad we have a local paper on this side of town again…..

Mary Cullum
by email