If I were Editor, I would…

Add Birth Announcements and Obituaries.

Spotlight businesses, churches and social activities.

Tom Hughes
by email 

– – – – –

I like everything; there is nothing I don’t like. This was my first issue (#3). Please distribute more on Channelview or just all the town around here. Please publish more on fishing, gardening. Wecolme to TEXAS! Add Police Beat. I did not know about the NCS (North Channel Star). I got mine at Food Fair-Sheldon Rd. First time! Thanks, Love it!

Velma I. Richey
by mail 

– – – – –

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the “North Channel Star”. I’ve read all three issues and eagerly look forward for all future issues.

I’ve really felt “out of the loop” so to speak on issues and news pertaining to the North Channel area. For years my husband and I were faithful readers of what was called “The Sentinel” newspaper and really grieved its loss.

Again, thanks so much for your new enterprise and I greatly hope and pray for its success.

T.L. Dailey
by mail 

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  1. thank you for providing a much needed service for our area…I am sure it will be a success and help keep us more aware of our communities. I think personal profiles of long time residents would be a nice addition

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