COMMUNITY PROFILE: Market Street Feed continues a long history of service


Market Street Feed was founded by J.D. Adams in 1942, when Market Street was made of just shells. He ran it until 1963, when it was then bought by Joe Cox and his wife. In the year 1979, I, Randy Arter, started mowing the property at the age of 15, never expecting to one day become the owner. On February 28, 1980, Joe Cox hired me as an employee, I really enjoyed working for Joe Cox and the Feed Store business. After twenty-four years, Joe Cox passed away, and I became the proud owner of Market Street Feed on January 1, 2004. I was taught the value of running a successful business.

Over the years, time has changed our products and clientele. I have learned that you have to keep up with time, no matter how you have become accustomed to doing things the way you like. My employees and I continue to make many changes on the appearance of the store, but the theme will always be the same-old: rustic flooring, an inviting atmosphere, and antiques hanging on the walls. Over the years, we’ve had school field trips come through to experience the old style of the country feed store.

We have a wide variety of dog supplies such as collars, dog food, and shots. Most importantly, we have the knowledge that is required to help the customers with their needs. Whether it be getting rid of their insects that occupy their home and gardens, to helping save their family pets. Over the past 33 years of working here at this feed store, I have learned to appreciate the knowledge to help others with their needs.

There is nothing better than owning and running a feed store. Every day is a new challenge for my employees and I. Since this is still my first and only job of 33 years, I suppose you could say this is a job of a lifetime, my lifetime.