Homeless man nearly killed, rescued from trash truck

CHANNELVIEW, Texas — A homeless man was rescued from a trash truck in Channelview last Friday.

According to authorities, the homeless man sleeping in a dumpster was nearly killed when trash was emptied into a compactor in the back of a trash truck. The man was sleeping in the dumpster because it was warmer.

The incident happened around 4:59 am last Friday, February 21, at a business along the East Freeway near Sheldon in Channelview.

The driver’s truck heard the man screaming as the trash was being compacted, authorities said. Then, he called Channelview Fire Department. Channelview Assistant Fire Chief said the homeless man suffered some injuries due to the compactor, but because the driver was alerted in time, he did not have any severe injuries.

The rescue team worked for about 25 minutes to free the man, who was then transported by ambulance to East Houston Medical Center to be treated for a broken leg and numerous cuts.