Bomb scare empties Galena Park High

Galena Park High School
Galena Park High School
Galena Park High School

GALENA PARK, TEXAS – Students and staff at Galena Park High School were evacuted last Monday morning after a bomb scare.

According to Galena Park ISD, a suspicious package was found hanging in a tree near the high school around 9 a.m.

All students and personnel, approximately 1,000, were evacuated from the building to a soccer field, then to nearby middle and elementary schools.

“We moved them into our schools, and elementary school and a middle school, so they could have air conditioning and easier access to water,” said Jonathan Frey, Galena Park ISD Director of Communications and spokesman.

Galena Park ISD law enforcement, Galena Park Police and other emergency teams were on the scene to investigate. They said the box found on the tree did not have anything dangerous inside. The bomb scare was cleared at 1 pm.

Some parents took students home and other students walked back to the high school to resume classes for the rest of the day.