ESMERALDA MOYA, NEWLY ELECTED MAYOR OF GALENA PARK, WILL BE INSTALLED INTO OFFICE ON JULY 1 AT 6:00 PM AT CITY HALL.GALENA PARK – City leaders have returned to their contentious ways, as word came from Mayor Moya’s attorney, that they will not agree to mediate the differences between parties, but wish to reset the lawsuit that Moya filed against City Manager Robert Pruett and City Council (Commission) members. In her suit, Moya is asking the court to affirm her authority to run the city, specifically to authorize payments, preside over meetings, appoint charter committee members, and other issues. She has asked for a jury trial. The charter election set for May contains many of the issues she seeks resolved.

In a second suit, filed by a private citizen, Barry Ponder, he is suing Council members, the city manager, even the Mayor for denying his request for a special charter election. He also charges Councilman Simms with receiving illegal insurance benefits, and Pruett with racism.

In another lawsuit filed by Ponder, he asked for a temporary injunction to enjoin the May 9th charter election. A TRO or Temporary Restraining Order was denied by a judge, and a new hearing on this has been delayed as of this week. It is set to be rescheduled in “a few weeks.”