A Clean Sweep for Galena Park streets

clean sweep galena park

GALENA PARK has invested in a new Street Sweeper, to clean the streets and parking lots of the community, and improve the air quality in the environment as well as the appearance of the city, according to City Manager Robert Pruett. The TYMCO 435 Regenerative Air Sweeper is a “state-of-the-art” machine made in Waco, Texas. It uses an air blower to dislodge debris, and brushes and a vacuum to remove litter such as leaves, dirt, sand and rocks. This system cuts down on the amount of water that must be sprayed to control dust in the air, according to TYMCO. The machine is now in service, as shown with operators Terry Bullock and Jay Jones, and under the supervision of Public Works Director David Binning. Galena Park is using a lease/purchase arrangement to buy the machine, which costs about $130,000. Pruett noted that it will pay for itself by replacing a lot of manual labor that was required previously for cleaning and sweeping.